UNCHARTED: Facing Change

UNCHARTED: Facing Change

How do you know you are ready to break through to the next growth stage? Tracie Lamourie, Managing Director of Lamourie Media, shares how she faced issues around business growth.

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event April 1, 2021
schedule 14:49
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Leaders adapt to change

6 Ways Business Leaders Can Adapt in This Ever-Changing World

The world is changing by the day — or by the hour, really — and business leaders must learn to adapt to stay competitive. When it comes to adapting to this change, “you simplify every single time,” says Tom Libelt of Smart Brand Marketing. “Stop thinking about all these other things and the bloat in […]

productive management tips

Top Tips for Effective Management

Whether “manager” is part of your job title or not, some form of management certainly is. After all, you are accountable for your portion of work, and that includes the way you show up to interactions with other people.

UNCHARTED with Brandi Bernoskie & Jess Dewell

UNCHARTED: Inside A Business Pivot

Facing uncertainty can be challenging – being a business owner facing uncertainty is tougher. Red Direction helps you [fast track and] grow your business – authentically, pragmatically, and resiliently. Start your journey HERE! Starting the conversation: What does pivot really mean? With a wide range of meanings, pivot can secretly be shiny-object syndrome, necessary because […]

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event October 1, 2020
schedule 32:25
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Top Tips To Face Change and Regain Control

In my experience working with companies over the years, one of the most challenging things is just to start. What we do at Red Direction is that we are (most of the time) disciplined about the time investment. That’s something that we can control.