Moving Your Business in the Right Direction

The red pointer on a compass points to true north. Using the right techniques, along with some guidance, you can use this direction to reach wherever you want to go with your business.


A growing business needs to be supported by a robust business strategy and sufficient work power to benefit from growth. Learn how to create a business that makes decisions from the place where strategy and operations overlap. This is the pointer on your business compass to always know where true north is. Your red direction is the place you make decisions that get results.

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Not sure where to start? Answer a series of prompts to find the perfect solution for you and your business.

I am most creative when

I have a clear process for what I do and how things work in my business.

I want to:

I prefer, and enjoy learning:

It is important for me to have:

When I plan it looks and feels more like:

I actively work to build my expertise and authority.

Overall I know what’s going on in my business, yet sometimes…

When I go to programs to learn, I like it most when:

Using technology makes me more efficient and gives me time to:

We Recommend

Business Base Camp Consultation

  • Develop strong self-rapport and increased confidence.
  • Fully talk through ideas for completeness, and improve decision-making.
  • Harness possibility through intentional collaboration.
  • Acquire more energy to do the work.

We Recommend

Driving Solutions Strategic Intensive

The Driving Solutions Strategic Intensive focuses on 3 key areas necessary to create achievable goals from your initiatives.

Our recommendation:

Fast Track Your Business Today

Your on-demand and just in time program to grow your business.

Driving Solutions + Strategic Growth Blog

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Think of Jess as your Confidant: THE person you can talk to about what’s really happening. THE person standing with you keeping an eye on your vision and goals, and working with you to align your actions to your mission. To develop your skills and build high functioning teams. Jess will help you create the glue you need to achieve – and, equally important, expand – your existing growth plans to promote maximum long-term results.


  • Commit to Yourself: Defy Norms to Reach Your Goals

    Commit to Yourself: Defy Norms to Reach Your Goals

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