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The BOLD Business Podcast is an ad-free program that helps you guide the group of people trying to execute on your vision. BOLD Business Podcast helps leaders like you clarify the path to success.

The red pointer on a compass points to true north. Using the right techniques, along with some guidance, you can use this direction to reach wherever you want to go with your business.

Red Direction helps companies across industries to run, grow, and scale their business. We work with  you to identify and set your true north to reach your most important goals.

Applying growth management principles, Dimensional Leadership™, and operational consulting, we are participating advocates that work along side you to turn their plans, ideas, and goals into a thriving, and long-lasting, business.

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A growing business needs to be supported by a robust business strategy and sufficient work power to benefit from growth. Learn how to create a business that makes decisions from the place where strategy and operations overlap. This is the pointer on your business compass to always know where true north is. Your red direction is the place you make decisions that get results.

You want to learn how to best manage your businesses, people that you lead, and to prepare for the future. What is done today will impact your business tomorrow. How you show up today will provide the direction you go and the way people follow. The more awareness you have, the more you can influence decisions, and the more you gain your own dimensional leadership. Find out how.

The word “operational” is vital because you want to achieve goals. Inside each goal are a set of people, resources, and commitment to get to your destination. Your business is unique in the way work is done and how you deliver on your mission. The way your strategy and operations overlap requires dedicated attention. Red Direction’s core business is to guide you through significant change – that lasts – by increasing the capacity of your leadership team. Get in touch, and learn more how we can help you.

The Mindset Shift Business Owners Must Make To Achieve Success

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