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An accomplished business leader, proven at achieving results, and recognized facilitator, Jess brings tremendous insight, real-world implications, and unconventional ideas to her programs. She has worked with and presented to tens of thousands of business owners and leaders around the world.

The direction to gain answers begins with the acknowledgment we lead and decide without having all the information, and that can be overwhelming.

In business, the unknown can be stifling. Jess Dewell, is managing partner of Red Direction, and popular host of the BOLD Business Podcast, and she perceptively talks about leading with incomplete information. It is the power of anticipation and making decisions that last.

Highlighting concerns and problems through a thoughtful, realistic lens can, however, serve as the catalyst for beginning the change you want to see and make it last while achieving more.

Knowing the path allows you to lead others toward the same goal.

Custom experiences are welcomed, Jess gladly will design one for your company for half- to full-and multi-day program. Here are key concepts and takeaways to start the custom design process:

  • Create self-sufficient, take-charge teams that want to attract more business.
  • Use smart, creative planning that promotes near- and far-term development, and, in turn, stability.
  • Develop people skills, business strategies that includes employees to step into more leadership.
  • Rediscover and create shared meaning to meet growth goals.
  • How to shift out of stagnation and to innovating for success.

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    Here are some ready-to-deliver programs Jess offers:

    Amplify Your Efforts

    Your Competitive Advantage Is Your Ability to Prioritize

    Audience: Leadership teams of 5 – 30 whose immediate goals include getting on the same page and moving in the same direction. Good for leaders and employees.

    This workshop will help you uncover what you value, understand how you work together as a team, and use that to choose priorities and make the best decisions for right now. You’ll learn how to embrace chaos and prioritize opportunities and projects so you can quickly adapt to market changes and achieve your goals. You’ll walk away with a new perspective that allows you to be more resilient and work with more than you ever imagined.


    • Discover the 5 steps to prioritize and make the best decisions with multiple projects going on.
    • Gain the knowledge required to sift through the chaos and understand where the business is going, find your competitive advantage, and lay the foundation of a result-driven culture that will help you get there.
    • Uncover 3 skills that improve business (and life) to use time well amidst chaos.
    • Learn 2 issues business owners have faced for over a decade, and what to do about them.
    • Determine what reports and data provide the information you need to make informed decisions.
    • Discover exactly how to prioritize opportunities and model prioritization for employees.

    Key Points:

    • The need to break convention and do business differently.
    • Mission and vision tie into every level of the organization.
    • How we use key information shapes roles and holds employees accountable.
    • There is distinction between problem-solving and decision-making.
    • It’s important to talk more about your company’s priorities.

    Count on Change. Strengthen Your Anticipation Leadership Skill.

    Count on Change.
    Strengthen Your Anticipation Leadership Skill.

    Audience: People in your organization with budget responsibility. Business owners with too many hats to wear and who have at least 1 million in annual sales and 5-150 employees.

    This workshop shows you exactly how to anticipate changing customer expectations and market shifts so you aren’t caught off guard. Through a proven CeX Growth Formula™, you and your organization will be able to incorporate information that anticipates change and growth, and proactively make decisions rather than reacting. You’ll walk away knowing how to make changes so you, your people, and your customers work together to achieve growth goals.


    • Discover the major business initiatives for 2019, and how you can use this information to gain an edge.
    • Reinforce your growth strategy and share the responsibility to achieve it across your organization using the powerful CeX Growth Formula™.
    • Discover how to generate information and loyalty at the same time.
    • Learn how to encourage all stakeholders to care genuinely about customers’ success and your shared abilities to know how they achieve that success (with your support).
    • Add Dimensional Leadership™ to shape how you, your people, and your customers work together to achieve growth goals.

    Key Points:

    • Correlate actions and plans to your corporate vision, mission, and values.

    Approach Your Elephants in the Room

    Approach Your Elephants in the Room

    Increase Efficiency, Encourage Employee Empowerment, and Accelerate Business Growth

    Audience: Executives, business owners, individuals with budget responsibly. Specifically, people in these roles have bought into the mindset of “delegate what you don’t want to do,” and who invite elephants in, but are not sure how to spot them and deal with them.

    Companies are consistently at least 12% more profitable when a plan is in place and everyone is on the same page, working the plan. Yet, as leaders, we make choices every day that we think are okay for the team because avoiding the issue is easier, we don’t know how to handle the situation at hand, or we believe it’s not worth our effort. Intentionally or unintentionally overlooking the obvious problems that go unaddressed greatly impacts the health of your organization. The result is confusion, disruption, costly mistakes, lack of efficiency, and loss of accuracy and profit. This workshop aims to help you gain clarity on the elephants in your own organization, and how to correct the issues slowing down productivity, communication, and efficiency.


    • Identify the 5 most common elephants in the room, and learn how to easily spot them in your own organization and get rid of them.
    • Gain clarity around value bias and the impact it has on your business health and your profit.
    • Understand how shared meaning of value used in decision-making enables clear communication and expectations.
    • Discover how to make value-based decisions that empower you and your team.
    • Leverage awareness to respond in the moment and clearly address issues as they arise.
    • Discover the system that shows you exactly what, how, and whom to delegate to…every time.

    Key Points: 

    • Acknowledging elephants in the room frees up energy, increases efficiency, and encourages growth.
    • Elephants in the room serve a purpose, and the key to finding them often lies in what is not said or what is avoided.
    • Understanding the distinction between values and value is critical.
    • Value-based decision-making ensures everyone is on the same page 100% of the time and keeps the elephants out of the room.

    Breaking Through: Business Decisions that Last

    Breaking Through: Business Decisions that Last

    Your capability to be resourceful and make a quick change is a competitive market advantage that can be cultivated. This talk will create a foundation to filter your ideas. Jess will share how a seemingly non-issue turned into a problem that required decisive action. When focus, discernment, and prioritization are incorporated into your decision-making process, you are poised to make reliable decisions. These three elements design your decisions that move you toward your growth goals.

    This is a ready-to-go keynote, workshop, and facilitated discussion for leadership teams. It is perfect for executive retreats and off-site work sessions, senior management teams, and for individuals on your company’s fast track.

    Praise for Jess and her programs:

    “She brings a vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm, igniting the spirit within the team [to advance] our careers. With strong communication skills, Jessica’s training courses are filled with new information and hands-on exercises, and time for questions and individual assistance."

    – Cheryl Bourg, Broker

    “Jess is your go-to person for revving any online strategy into high gear. Social media? Video marketing (Google+ Hangouts, YouTube)? Websites? Email newsletters? The list goes on and on. Jess Dewell can help you figure out and shape the direction your business should take. I also speak from personal experience as a consulting client."

    – Pam Barroway, Barroway Editing

    “Jess is an outstanding combination of knowledge, ability and personality. She not only has a thorough understanding of her field but has an incredible ability to share that knowledge with others."

    – Kathy Davis

    “Jess is a wonderful speaker who provides clear information and a teaching style that she adapts to her audience and students. She always knows the material and can answer questions easily. Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes individuals want to listen to her talk on other subjects.”

    – Austin McFeeley, Owner of Transparent Inspections

    “She’s very easy to work with and very talented. Jess is on the cutting edge of developing a platform for business owners that will take their business into the stratosphere! If a person is a great plumber, it doesn’t mean they’ll be great at operating a plumbing business. She’s created a ‘mastermind’ platform that will encompass the six key elements of operating a successful business."

    – Joel Dawson, Business Consultant

    Jess’ workshops, talks, and keynotes are expertly crafted specifically for small businesses. Bring her to your next event to facilitate a program on a topic that is pertinent to the success of your organization.

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