Embrace Endings and Create Powerful Beginnings

Embrace Endings and Create Powerful Beginnings

Starting the conversation: Endings are often overlooked. We can push project dates and modify results expectations much easier than calling for a full-stop to review. Review and assess the plan, the actions selected, and the results to be able to make decisions about continuing or modifying — or keeping things the same (and setting a […]

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event June 1, 2023
schedule 27:45
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How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Your Business

Burning a candle at both ends only works when you have a candle. Even then, it is still one candle. There is only so much wax and wick to use, so making sure you are maximizing longevity not only increases your chances for success, but also increases your chances to overcome the frustrations and uncertainty. […]

The Mindset Shift Business Owners Must Make To Achieve Success

Starting the conversation: Knowing the bottom line is vital to maximizing what you get from your business. Understanding the mechanics is also important — how you make money, what difference you make in the world, what you can be best at … and why you are doing what you do. Clint White, Founder of Tattoos […]

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event November 17, 2022
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Next level business growth

Top Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

It can be challenging to find the right intersection between following the path where your business is best at and upgrading the company on the go. However, that intersection is the spot where you will find the unique value that will result in growth.

Avoid Burnout

Top Tips to Avoid Burnout

When we struggle with our mental strength and feel at the end of our rope, we need to find a way to build our emotional resilience and invest in our physical well-being.