Organize & Accelerate Your Results.

Focusing on the right things at the right time result in better business decisions. In this group, you will:

  • Refine your instincts to make decisions quicker.
  • Get comfortable anticipating what’s next.
  • Better use your perspectives and observations.

90% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution.

What is necessary for successful execution?

  • Ongoing effort to communicate well.
  • Refining your instincts to assess information coming in from different places.
  • Using your key metrics for internal assessment and market placement assessment.
  • Planning what actions are necessary to reach milestones.
  • Making better decisions,  and setting the right priorities.
  • Communicating the vision purposefully.

Become part of a group where you can bring your biggest and most urgent challenges.

If you are thinking:

  • I don’t know the best way to move through your current situation.
  • I had no idea the competition was doing that.
  • The economy changed, and I wasn’t prepared – I can’t cover my costs.
  • Sales (new clients, existing clients) are decreasing … All of a sudden.
  • We keep trying new things, but nothing works.
  • What we always have doesn’t work anymore.
  • I can’t build the team I need to (fill in the blank) – no one gets what we’re doing.

…or some other problem, with this group you will find the underlying problems (and how to solve them).

The CEO Infusion Mastermind is for business owners facing culture and growth problems who want to:

Cultivate what’s next for your business.

Close gaps between what is said and done to conduct better business.

Strengthen communication to all stakeholders.

Get back on mission and create sustained impact.

Communicate with more clarity and intention.

Refine your instincts to assess situations confidently.

Prioritize action for more achievement.

If you are ready to go the direction your company needs you to, yet you:

✔︎ Have outgrown your existing business plan;

✔︎ Must find a new direction;

✔︎ Have too many ideas not enough resources;

✔︎ Are unsettled by what the future holds,

The CEO Infusion Mastermind is for you.

Program Details:

✔︎ 6 Month program, cumulative curriculum

✔︎ 10 Masterminds

✔︎ 1 – 90min or 2 – 45min consulting sessions/mo

✔︎ Resources made available to you

✔︎ Connection to your cohort

✔︎ Present Retreat facilitation

Our next cohort closes on December 24th

Apply now for the January Cohort

Find more time to do your most important work.

Limited Membership Each Quarter: January, April, July, October

Talk with Jess to talk more about if this program is right for you … right now!

High priority business initiatives this year:

Boosting the retention of current customers and improving the experiences of these customers (48 percent);

Introducing fresh products and/or services (31 percent);

Increasing their market reach (30 percent);

Hiring new workers (29 percent); and

Investing in ways to attract new customers (28 percent).

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