Boost Resilience By Developing Your Skills

Boost Resilience By Developing Your Skills

        Starting the conversation: Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you are bad at something else. Skills take time and energy to build, and your learning experiences always come from less than ideal situations. The discipline to make a decision, communicate it, and guide your team through the execution […]

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event September 22, 2022
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Do The Right Thing at the Right Time, More Often

When you set a short- or long-term goal, you have identified an expected outcome. By the time you complete the goal, does the outcome look anything like you initially planned? The answer was unanimously NO from the 100 people I asked. Every single person said the starting goal looked nothing like the expected ending … […]

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Productivity Isn’t About Time Management It’s About Achievement Strategy

When we are driven to get to our goals, we try to do more in the same amount of time and zero in on improving our time management skills. Setting clear goals is also important to building confidence and results. Yet there is a piece that ties both together: Achievement. The capability to achieve is the result of clear goals and an understanding of time management.

7 Ways to Lead When you Don’t have the Answers

Leading is much more than picking up the slack, motivating or team building. It’s also about keeping the mission (of your role, your team, your department … your company) front and center. The thing is, there are no concrete steps to take that are the same for every situation. Ambiguity is a phenomenon all company […]