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Starting the Conversation:

How can your company identify the aspects of their brand that their customers find important?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Chris Dayley

What You Will Hear:

Growth comes from always looking at what can be next.

Know who your customers are.

AB testing defined. (It’s a lot about the quality fo the questions.)

Use data don’t be ruled by it.

Make change and capture the response.

Optimization for what matters most.

#VBBRadio Live Audience Question: How to know if we are testing the right thing, asking the right questions.

Learn where to spend your time and resources.

#VBBRadio Live Audience Question: How important is the process of decision making for customer centricity?

Chris Dayley’s prioritization steps to use change to make our business decisions.

The power of your ego can limit your company’s growth.

Test the opposite of what you think.

Overlooked aspects of making connection to customers today.

#VBBRadio Live Audience Question: What is Chris’ opinion about the new technologies -chatbots and live chats- in building customer experience, and being customer focused?

What makes it BOLD to actively be involved creating connection to your customers.

Notable and Quotable:

Chris Dayley: It’s easy to get locked in to what you know today and continuing to operate under those assumptions.

Chris Dayley: The follow up question: Which of those value propositions drive purchase decisions?

Jess Dewell: I want to know I’ve got the right data to find patterns and use them to make decisions.

Chris Dayley: Make a change and gather data to find out what the response is to that change.

Chris Dayley: The worst result is when nothing happens when you make a change.

Chris Dayley: Every test that you run should have something you want to learn.

Jess Dewell: Make sure you stay on mission and growth trajectory by asking good questions.

Chris Dayley: The best way to make [marketing] decisions is to know what your customers care about.

Chris Dayley: Whatever you think is the right approach make sure to test the opposite too.

Jess Dewell: You can anticipate customer needs changing.

Chris Dayley: If your competitors are doing it, and you find it doesn’t work, you have a leg up because they probably haven’t tested it.

Chris Dayley: Testing demonstrates you care about good business AND your audience.


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