Productive Leadership for Growth Oriented Businesses (p252)

Productive Leadership for Growth Oriented Businesses

Facing uncertainty can be challenging – being a business owner facing uncertainty is tougher. Red Direction helps you [fast track and] grow your business – authentically, pragmatically, and resiliently. Start your journey HERE! Starting the conversation: How are we showing up to uncertainty and ensuring we provide employees with the tools they need to be […]

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event October 20, 2020
schedule 49:51
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Changing Capacity of Your Team

The Changing Capacity of Your Team

What we do to anticipate the changing needs of our business includes the brainpower and skills of the people working with you. How do we know what our team, organization, culture, business… needs to look like in the future?

Effective Systems

Effective Systems (LIVE)

Starting the conversation… Are systems for one are as powerful as system for many? How do you measure the effectiveness of your systems over time? Host: Jess Dewell Guest: Dr. Ingrid Pyka What You Will Hear: Talk about the issues at hand, know what systems are in place, or not. How much do you about […]

4 Steps To Get What You Want At Any Time, Any Place

The Sweet Spot of Tradition, EQ and Empathy. How many things do you do each day, month, and year that are always the same? A tradition is something we repeat that has meaning to us. Holidays are a given. What about monthly activities – maybe dinner with friends and family, a networking event, something we volunteer […]