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Effective Systems (LIVE)

Starting the conversation…

Are systems for one are as powerful as system for many?
How do you measure the effectiveness of your systems over time?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Dr. Ingrid Pyka

What You Will Hear:

Talk about the issues at hand, know what systems are in place, or not.

How much do you about what you want and what you expect from a system.

Elements of a system…how people fit into that.

When our systems don’t get us to the goal.

Change your wording and listen more.

Intentionally interact in a positive way.

Goals are our common ground.

Live Audience Question: What is the role of data analysis in a system?

Choose metrics that connect different revenue centers.

The importance of mission and values.

What ‘effective’ really is.

Live Audience Question: Is there an easy way to find where small things are broken in a system?

Live Audience Question: If systems are also defined by communication, what are the metrics for communication in an effective system?

What makes it BOLD to regularly think about and evaluate systems to ensure they are (still) effective?

Notable and Quotable:

Quote Ingrid

Ingrid Pyka 5:15
A lot of times when we go and delve into the deeper issues, we find that the concern or the problem is really not what they’re coming to us for. It goes much, much further and much deper. Is the communication happening so that everybody knows what’s going on.? And even in the discovery phase, that open communication is so important.

Ingrid Pyka 6:07
It does not take long before that conversation starts coming into place that people realize, the way we’re doing this right now isn’t seeming to work. So something has to change.

Jess Dewell 6:23
There’s two choices, move forward or stay put.

Ingrid Pyka 6:27
Sometimes when we have a team working on it, that needs to be established right up front: are you willing to move on this bandwagon with us, or not?

Ingrid Pyka 6:37
Getting a team together, making sure everyone is on that collaborative phase, and are we all on the same team? Sometimes there’s a little hard conversations to have on the onset.

Ingrid Pyka 7:02
Whether it be a solopreneur, or author, or a business team, are you willing to give it all to get to that end line? How much are you willing to give? How much are you willing to reassess? What’s important to you? What’s important to those that you’re wanting to serve? That’s really what it’s ultimately about.

Ingrid Pyka 8:22
So even as for example, as coaches we all still go to these continuing education, seminars and conventions. Why? It’s to improve ourselves. It’s to give ourselves more knowledge.

Ingrid Pyka 8:44
But we’re so hell bent on being where we are, that we forget about what are the other options.

Ingrid Pyka 8:52
We get on this well-beaten path, we forget that sometimes we want to stray just a little bit and see where we go because even that tiny degree of change can find you in a completely different result.

Ingrid Pyka 9:28
A system is a set of tasks or a set of do’s or a set of circumstances that are all built upon themselves. If this, then that. When X, then Y.

Ingrid Pyka 10:08
Developing a system that is successful, there are really three components. First of all, it has to be reasonable. Is it doable? Is it realistic? Is it something that can really happen and that everyone can follow through with and understand and how to do? The next step, is it repeatable? And then the last thing, is it going to be relayable? So can you relay it to someone else? Is it recordable, can you record it? Because when the next person comes in, are they going to learn the same path? Are they going to learn the same system? Are they going to do the same thin? Because part of the definition of of a system is with the intent of achieving a particular goal.


p218 Jess Dewell

Ingrid Pyka 11:03
The intention may be there but if the system doesn’t get you to that end goal, then it’s not a reliable system and that’s where we face a lot of the failures.

Ingrid Pyka 12:11
Three components of a system are: It needs to be reasonable or realistic. It needs to be repeatable. And lastly it needs to be recordable so that it can continue onwards.

Jess Dewell 12:35
We blame the system. So we change the system, and we still fall short. This is the time to hold up a mirror. Maybe it’s not the system, maybe it’s the leadership.

Jess Dewell 13:09
The system may be just fine, and we may be the part that’s broken. That’s a little hard to admit.

Jess Dewell 14:40
Let’s hold up that mirror. What can we see today? What are we willing to see today? The only way we can do that, is when we practice it.

Jess Dewell 14:50
The biggest part is, do we practice thinking? Do we practice contemplation in regards to our set of goals are set of objectives for our department, for our role, for her team, for company? Whatever role we’re in.

Ingrid Pyka 19:20
When we’re having a communication with someone, instead of saying, “No but,” or just “but,” replace it with “Yes, and.” The tone is completely reversed. There is no rebuttal or shutting off. By simply saying yes, I’m already acknowledging what you’re sayin. Whether or not I agree with it, is not the point. I am acknowledging what you’re saying. By saying “and,” I am adding to the value of what you’ve said, plus, I’m forcing my mind to use your perspective and either molded or add to it in positive, optimistic fashion.

Ingrid Pyka 33:16
Establishment of what is your goal is paramount. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there. It’s as simple as that. How do you know where you’re going when you don’t know where you’re going?

Ingrid Pyka 33:26
You have to have a location to go, no matter what in your business, how much revenue Do you want to achieve? How many clients do you want to have? What kind of services do you want to provide or what products do you want to provide to your clients? Everything is a specific goal and dream. Document it, Document it. Document it.Document it.

Jess Dewell 37:12
When we know where we stand, we can better understand where somebody else is.

Dr. Ingrid Pyka 37:19
A system is sensitive and anticipated, a system is a known sets of criteria, one built on the other. If one of those is missing in a true system, it has a huge possibility of the entire system crumbling and failing, which is why when we see these disasters occurring, one misstep in a system will bring a crashing result.

Ingrid Pyka 38:25
In a team, “effective” means that all the members of the team are able to collaborate togethe. They’re able to communicate with each other. They understand what their specific roles are in moving the steps of each system forward.

Ingrid Pyka 45:39
Look for and accept and learn to be excited about change., A bout what can be out there that can be different and new. How do you set yourself apart from all of your competition? How do you be bold and go where no one has gone before. It’s because of change and evolving with what’s happening in today’s society, and the demographics that your nich is in, the products that you’re providing. It’s your way to step ahead and be that cutting edge of anything that you want to be.



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How do you measure the effectiveness of your systems over time?

Your patterns, habits, and approaches have similarities to systems. When you focus on them, systems (and processes) offer great insights. From doing different to doing better, you will move toward achievement through knowing the elements of systems, and how to use them to create lasting traction. Jess Dewell talks with Dr. Ingrid Pyka, founder of IBP Consulting, about the necessity of effective systems.

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