Changing Capacity of Your Team

The Changing Capacity of Your Team

What we do to anticipate the changing needs of our business includes the brainpower and skills of the people working with you. How do we know what our team, organization, culture, business… needs to look like in the future?

VBB_207 Leverage Time

Leverage Time

Facing uncertainty can be challenging – being a business owner facing uncertainty is tougher. Red Direction helps you [fast track and] grow your business – authentically, pragmatically, and resiliently. Start your journey HERE! Starting the conversation… How do you increase your organization’s resilience by leveraging time? Host: Jess Dewell What You Will Hear: Four common […]

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The Spectrum of Character Traits: Genuine Connection

Greg Jameson invited me to join him on his podcast, 20 Minutes of Influence. Our conversation on influence covered two areas: first, the sales side – specifically, getting another person to take action based on what we say or do or suggest; and second, three soft skills necessary to have influence. On the latter topic, […]