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Be Ready for Change with the Right KPIs

Business readiness requires thoughtfulness surrounding how to bring business strategy into everyday actions. This article touches upon necessary milestones that connect strategy and action in a way that is useful for preparing and planning.

p244 Assess Real Opportunity

Assess Real Opportunity

Facing uncertainty can be challenging – being a business owner facing uncertainty is tougher. Red Direction helps you [fast track and] grow your business – authentically, pragmatically, and resiliently. Start your journey HERE! Starting the conversation: How often does your organization assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to understand the current business […]

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Improve Leadership

The One Sure Way to Improve Your Leadership

With gobs of information about leadership available on different styles, approaches, and what to do to build your own leadership, leadership seems elusive. On the surface it seems to be hard to grasp. Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, a guest on the BOLD Business Podcast, uses words like caring, respect, connection, and trust. Our life experience […]

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Productivity Isn’t About Time Management It’s About Achievement Strategy

When we are driven to get to our goals, we try to do more in the same amount of time and zero in on improving our time management skills. Setting clear goals is also important to building confidence and results. Yet there is a piece that ties both together: Achievement. The capability to achieve is the result of clear goals and an understanding of time management.