Improve Leadership

The One Sure Way to Improve Your Leadership

With gobs of information about leadership available on different styles, approaches, and what to do to build your own leadership, leadership seems elusive. On the surface it seems to be hard to grasp. Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, a guest on the BOLD Business Podcast, uses words like caring, respect, connection, and trust. Our life experience […]

Share Your Priorities

Do The Right Thing at the Right Time, More Often

When you set a short- or long-term goal, you have identified an expected outcome. By the time you complete the goal, does the outcome look anything like you initially planned? The answer was unanimously NO from the 100 people I asked. Every single person said the starting goal looked nothing like the expected ending … […]

Anticipate Customer Expectations, leadership, business growth, business strategy

Anticipating Changing Customer Expectations: An Elusive Leadership Skill

If you are like many leaders, you think about customers often and scan for potential tweaks and improvements in processes and products, so consumers continue to choose yours over another solution. Technology advances have set a high bar for all; people expect tools and products that make lives and work easier, quicker and, yes, cheaper. […]