Necessary Leadership Characteristics

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Starting the Conversation:

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Patti Haus

What You Will Hear:

Communication of the vision is tailored.

The art of listening includes hearing and using what you hear.

Content has a focus, the message isn’t the same for everyone.

Use the communication style you are strong in.

You know your weaknesses, own theme.

The difference between authenticity and conformity.

Know the structure (which can include business and generational dynamics).

Believe the best intention is present.

Be truthful in every emotion.

You impact the situation, be aware of that.

Lead with intention; stop the lip service.

I’m supposed to lead and I don’t know what to do – we’ve all been there.

Make sure all are represented – reflect the makeup of your workforce, customers, and community.

Remember the long term when thinking about the short term.

Actively see out people different than you.

Strengthen your leadership traits with self reflection.

When to adapt and when to rely on what you know.

Things that don’t work.

It is BOLD to embrace key leadership characteristics.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_232_Patti Haus

Patti Haus: Leaders need to be skilled communicators.

Patti Haus: To be a great communicator you also must be able to listen.

Jess Dewell: Every value has a flip side. Can you own that part of your value, too?

Patti Haus: I believe that people’s motives are pure unless they show me they are not.

Patti Haus: Knowing what matters to people really does matter.

Jess Dewell: Do you know when you’ve moved from intentional work toward your mission to just being busy doing work?

Quotes_232_Jess Dewell

Jess Dewell: A company may be weakened in the short term to be stronger in the future.

Patti Haus: Just do the things that make you uncomfortable.

Patti Haus: Cutting corners almost never works.

Patti Haus: Try to see how well you are doing by looking at a problem and asking the question: ‘Is there something here that I’ve contributed to the problem?’


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