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Top Tips To Bounce Back From Mistakes

How do you remain motivated when everything around you seems to be falling apart? Do you fall back under pressure, make mistakes, make more mistakes … or do you start to reflect on past actions setting up the course for your next actions?

Let’s be realistic: life circumstances can be annoying, can be difficult. One moment things can be fantastic, the other we are at the bottom, thinking about what happened, what mistakes have we made, how did we not see what was coming.

In that situation, we feel like everything is crumbling around us. We feel like we have no control over the situation. We make moves, sometimes smart, sometimes hasty. The less aware we are, the more mess there is to clean up … before we can pause, assess and then decide the best way forward.

When asked about what is it that they focus on when times get complicated, and when there are mistakes to be corrected, most people said that they focus on reassessing their priorities.

Some of us gave up on Present Retreat time our protected time and it turns out that was the biggest mistake of the moment. When there is so much time required of us, some prioritize poorly under pressure, so we get stuck, and we need to dig ourselves out to move forward.

And that’s when we slip, failing to see the forest for the trees. In reality, no matter how difficult the situation, all is not lost, there’s a way out, and we must find that way. After all, when we hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

So how can we find the strength to motivate ourselves, collect our thoughts, correct our mistakes, and move in the right direction?

Red Direction tapped ten business leaders to share their top tips on how to respond to mistakes, and bounce back from the bottom.

Let’s learn from our mistakes to build your business and continue to chase your vision.” – Zachary Beach: Coach, Mentor, Real Estate Investor

“Firstly, give yourself even more present time than usual even though there may be pressure for action. Secondly, I find it helpful when I can identify and ‘name’ the specifics emotions that brought in the [disconnect], with harmony. Supporting oneself in that process with acceptance and then with stillness, making an opening.” – Zvi Hofstedter: Healing Catalyst

“I believe that companies need to make fewer decisions. That as an organization, in order for something to matter, you have to make fewer decisions, because that limits the amount of mistakes.” – Jeffry Caudle: CoFounder NeuroDash

“It’s just a more a matter of realizing that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes in front of a client sometimes. Own it. Move on.” – Kristi Sullivan: Owner Sullivan Financial Planning, LLC

“If you’re looking to reduce your stress and increase your focus, you have to stay in that state of curiosity and discovery.” – Holly Duckworth: Mindfulness Expert, CEO, Leadership Solutions International

“Doing something is a key power habit for everyone. Take [the outcomes], learn from them, and move on.” – Joy Guthrie: Partner, Vizwerx Group, LLC

“Discipline is doing the hard things when you specifically don’t want to do them.” – Dominic Rufran: Risk Management, USI

“Vulnerability is a huge part of transparency. If you don’t have it, you’re going to be light years behind everyone else” – George Papadeas: COO The HOTH

“If there is data on something, you should use it. And that’s not to say, don’t go with your gut, but make sure that you’re educated on decision.” – Paul Birkett: CEO, Automation Finance

“Expectations are set by what is said, what is done, and the way work is done by the leader.”Jess Dewell: Red Direction, Operations and Strategy 

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We hope these publications, and advice from our featured business leaders will help you build resilience, and navigate through any crisis.

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