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My friend and colleague, Ivana Taylor, asked me to stop by her weekly DIY Marketer Twitter #BizapalooaChat to talk about the experience of building and using podcasts as part of the Red Direction business model.

I am a continual student of podcasting – a learning viewpoint Ivana thought would bring an interesting view to her DIY Marketer community. Personally, every conversation I have with Ivana provides more ideas and more areas where I want to dig into. Ivana asks good questions and she’s willing to stay with a topic when and where it makes sense, in order to get the most relevant information into the conversation. (It is one of her superpowers!)

How to Start and Grow a Podcast

The TweetChat was taking place during our hour-long conversation. You can see each question and the DIYMarketer community answers here. Also, here is the conversation between Ivana and myself:

Starting the Podcasting Conversation

  • Ivana was interested in bringing real-world experience about podcasting to her community.
  • Best practices are great, yet going through and figuring out the process is a totally different story.
  • I am not a professional podcaster, I am a Business Advocate who specializes in solving business problems.
  • The good, the bad, the ugly about podcasting.

What You Will Hear

Podcasting as a marketing strategy – what the goal is.

Subscribe to podcasts for more than just entertainment – see what to do for business-related action. (Get podcasts of all types and lengths throughout the conversation to check out.)

The types of shows I use (including the interview format) in The Voice of Bold Business.

It is okay to make unpopular choices when they match well with other business goals.

The strategy for the podcast choices I’ve made and where #VBBRadio is going, as well as milestones and goals … and expectations.

Branding versus products; the things I create and bring into Red Direction, as well as it’s own path.

Choosing podcasting topics and guests.

Problem-solving starts with collecting everything we think we know, and mixing all the elements together.

Audio or video or both?

Our ability (to host) will also shape what/who we bring onto our podcasts.

The people on the #VBBRadio team.

Reuse, repackage, and build products.

How promotion of the show fits into the rest of the marketing and content.

The business results and my business success.

Know what we are looking for to find out if there is an existing proof of concept, and look for the answers to what we need to know. Also be open to what’s discovered.

Notable & Quotable

Jessica Dewell: “I can get more info packed in, clearer, in a conversation.”

Ivana Taylor: “I actually think when I type [not write by hand or talking], which uses a different part of my brain.”

Ivana Taylor: “Listening to the podcast for our own entertainment, and listening to podcasts for learning how to podcast.”

Jessica Dewell: “I’m building a business machine from this podcast – not a podcast that is going to bring in advertisers.”

Jessica Dewell: “I want to give people something to think about. My podcast is about information to inspire and ignite an idea to solve a problem you are facing right now.”

Ivan Taylor: “My marketing brain didn’t get it until now … that your podcast is about problem-solving.”

Jessica Dewell: “Problem-solving is all about: do we need this, or do we not need this … right now.”

Ivana Taylor: “There must be consistency that brings [brands and products] together.”

Ivana Taylor: “Allow yourself to be led by the guest and topic.”

Jessica Dewell: “Make space for the information that is best in a situation to see what bubbles up.”

Jessica Dewell: “It’s our podcast. It’s up to us to make [panel/guest] appearance as easy as possible.”

Jessica Dewell: “I want the listeners that Red Direction can help listening to The Voice of Bold Business.”

What now?

Whether your marketing team is thinking about a podcast or another new marketing program to execute in your business … what you hear here can apply:

1. What’s the norm for a program like what we are considering?
2. What must happen to fulfill it’s purpose for existing (build awareness or community, create rich content, or develop another sales funnel)?
3. Where do we deviate to use the best practices that best support our business – right now?
4. Set some time aside to take the procedure out for a spin, and then review and adjust.

Go have fun and get it done!

I’d like to personally invite you to listen to The Voice of Bold Business Radio and analyze how we’re using it for Red Direction, as well as to use the information as support to solve a problem you face right now.

Finally, I’d like to hear from you! Reach out and let me know what you thought about this program and what your experiences have been so far.

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