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UNCHARTED: Discipline to be Exceptional at One Thing

In this conversation, Michael Silverman, CEO of Flipp, shares how important it is to embrace changes so that technology, customers, and team knowledge can in concert to grow the company. Frameworks and leadership styles underpin how Flipp uses available information to adapt. Listen in as host Jess Dewell and Michael Silverman talk about setting priorities, learning along the way, and pinpointing what to prioritize.

An unsettling thing about making decisions is knowing a gap exists between knowledge and 100% right. There is a fine line between confidence and self-assurance. Michael Silverman, CEO of Flipp, shares about how the company’s thesis is always adjusting to be as exceptional as possible on their primary focus.

Tags: uncertainty, decision making, strategy, adapt, adaptable

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UNCHARTED: Discipline to be Exceptional at One Thing

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