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Thought Leadership and Market Positioning (p225 LIVE)

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Starting the Conversation:

What is the business of thought leadership and how do we really use it?

Why does being the go-to resource matter to business development?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Annalisa Parent

What You Will Hear:

Wrapping up events is important for positioning what’s next.

Tell your story well – in every situation.

Thought leadership is a conversation.

When do we really have the expertise to be a thought leader? (Hint: we don’t get to decide.)

What it takes to build the depth of experience.

Think up front.

Every decision has a shape.

Recognize failure and the fear of failure.

There is always uncertainty.

Get comfortable with ambiguity, and use the power of problem solving.

Live Audience Question: I understand the concept of thought leadership, but how do I rise above the noise using that approach when every other person claims to be one, too?

Know what you value and talk about it.

#VBBRadio Audience Question: What is the role of personal branding (of a leader) in marketing positioning and business growth?

Rejection is great! It is as great as acceptance.

Test outside of yourself – get another set of eyes and different experiences.

Your message must resonate with others.

Live Audience Question: Don’t get me wrong I know there are no shortcuts to becoming an industry leader, but where should I start?

Choose one message and approach for your story.

It is BOLD to recognize to add value and be a thought leader as well as a strong representative for your company.

BONUS! #VBBRadio Audience Question: I hate creating my own content, but I can see myself being a podcast guest or something similar, what is the best way to approach and pitch.

Notable and Quotable:

Quotes_225_Annalisa Parent

Quotes_225_Jess Dewell


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