Step into Your Badass Shoes

Even though our paths  are separate, we are connected. We are connected by the fact we live on the same planet. We have people in our life. We have problems. We have joy, sadness, anger, frustration. These experiences shape our view and offer a unique perspective no one else has. How we chose to use that viewpoint is what creates impact, even if it may not be the impact we wanted to have.

On a recent recording of the Voice of Bold Business Radio program, three fantastic women joined me: Marilyn Shannon (@Marilynlistens), Angela Hermans (@AngelaHemans), and Ivana Taylor (@DIYMarketers). The topic was how to learn new skills. (Stay tuned and subscribe so you don’t miss the broadcast when it airs in the New Year!)

Marilyn Shannon, host of The Breaking Free Show, previously invited all of us to her program to talk about how to be a badass. Breaking Free is about bringing people together to hear stories about, literally, breaking free. Cool people who keep learning: looking for ways to grow, what actions to take, what books to read. Those who inspire all of us to be self-reliant and fearless. (You definitely want to subscribe to see Marilyn’s future shows; in the meantime, watch “What is a Badass” here:

Smart, Thoughtful, On Point

Every time I join people who are smart and thoughtful, I learn from the conversation. Such discussion allows participants to receive new information, connecting what’s already known in new ways, and even coming up with new questions to explore. Conversations like this are blissful.

Empathy is Everything

Empathy is a skill comprised of curiosity and confidence, being non-judgemental, and making decisions. All attributes that we can learn with practice. Making decisions comes down to choosing. The more we choose, the more comfortable – and confident – we become with regard to thinking about and understanding what the outcome will be.

Choosing is an action, the start of something. What we do with our choice leads to myriad possible actions. Purposefully moving forward toward the outcome we decided upon. The process starts with making the first choice. Our ability to make decisions and face difficult situations builds tact. The inevitable repetitiveness faced head on, and the unexpected problems that crop up, provide experience and build tenacity with which we can work through any trying circumstance. All these skills used so much they become second nature build resilience.

Sometimes it’s hard to be empathetic when we are having a hard time. But by working on our own set of soft skills, we build an awareness through which we can then meet someone else where they are. In effect be both with them and their situation – without feeling obligated to cheer up, take on, or solve their situation. That’s empathy.

Being a badass is as much about knowing our own strengths as it is about knowing that others also face joy and fear. We can help just by seeing, by witnessing. When we act for ourselves and witness others doing the same, we are seeing another person step into their badass shoes.

Empathy is a required skill for every leader – the ultimate way to let others choose for themselves!

Wow. The Breaking Free Show conversation on “What is a Badass” kept my brain ON and running for days.

Broadcast highlights:

  • Characteristics of a badass.
  • Transformation, choice, authenticity, and empathy with curiosity.
  • #Badassness
  • Redefining words and challenging assumptions.
  • Who do we look back at and know was a trailblazer.
  • Limitations of a badass.
  • How do we define freedom.
  • Scar tissue and resilience.
  • Step out and do something new.
  • Empower our children to be badasses (in a good way).
  • Filter what we need for our own personal improvement.
  • Own your badass.

Heard on The Breaking Free Show:

Ivana Taylor: “Everything is about choice.”

Marilyn Shannon: “When we are curious we go without a plan and go anyway.”

Angela Herman: “Badasses do what is right. Men and women both.”

Marilyn Shannon. “We are redefining words and experiences. Leave assumptions behind.”

Jessica Dewell: “Look at your badass shoes, step into them, and become your own badass.”

Angela Herman: “Freedom means opportunity.”

Ivana Taylor: “Words should be used with purpose.”

Jessica Dewell: “It’s not ok to be a wallflower. We must take action and use [our opinion and voice].”



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