The Voice of BOLD Business Radio Guest Policy

As a guest, you receive:

  • Mentions in our Social Media as a guest and for the episodes you are on.
  • Listed on the Voice of BOLD business Radio website with your picture, bio, a link to all episodes you are in, your FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • The opportunity to submit articles, with your name on the by-line, on The Voice of Bold Business website on any topic
  • in your area of professional expertise.
  • A full-use, non-transferable, license of each program you are in for your use.
  • A listing on the #VBBRadio Resources page offering free or paid products (using affiliate links)


As our guest, you agree (by recording with us and appearing on the show):

  • Mention and share about #VBBRadio to your audience on your media and networks
  • Actively promote the program(s) as they air (and pre-promotion of the LIVE show)
  • Submitted articles on any topic in your area of professional expertise will not be promotional.
  • All rights to the recordings and versions of each program and the final product are part of #VBBRadio, and all owned by Red Direction.
  • You will not modify, crop, clip, or modify any episode in any way
  • You can place a free or paid product that will benefit the #VBBRadio audience as a Red Direction Marketing Partner.

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