The audience of Red Direction and the #BoldBusinessPodcast are business leaders that are growth-oriented and seek operational excellence.

We do selectively publish guest blog posts.

And, to make sure there is alignment in both intent and content, we have outlined some guidelines to create a net that holds your best interests and our best interests in mind for mutual benefit.

As we reach your post submission in our queue, if anything is missing or incomplete the planned publishing date may be postponed.

For the full list of the benefits and agreements check out our policy page.

Our Readers

Red Direction readership is experienced, knowledgeable, and focused on growth; have budget responsibility; and are decision-makers in their company. This provides opportunities for recognition to would-be guest authors. The written content we publish is in the form of articles that are at least 2200 words in length.

Our blog is a collection of articles on business topics that resilient leaders want to know about to achieve growth. We post articles that relate to various aspects of finance, sales, operations, and strategy.

We will not publish articles that are in any way “salesy,” which is defined at our discretion.

Readers want to learn from your knowledge and expertise.

Guest Post Publishing

We publish guest authors the third Friday of each month.

We’d rather people send articles in when happy with their work, as opposed to based upon deadlines. We are not able to reserve a place in our queue based upon inquiry date. We put completed articles into our publishing queue. As soon as we receive and approve all the elements for the submission we’ll be able to provide you with an expected publish date.

Please submit your article for consideration using the form below.

Note: we get several requests per week, and up to 10 days may pass before we get back to you.

On the form below, you’ll see an option to have our team do a light edit for you. If you select to have us complete that work, we will ask for your credit card and bill you at the rate of $60/hour. We will provide a quote and require that you pay in advance for this service.

Please note: We will not publish sponsored articles or paid links. Google has strict rules about this. We will not risk censure so we do not accept these types of articles.

Additional items we consider with submission that you may find helpful can be found in the Guest Article Submission Policy here.

Guest posting with us, you can expect to:

  • Have a graphic for the article provided.
  • Be featured in our social media.
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in a community-driven Top Tips post.
  • See your article in one of our newsletters.

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