As a guest, you receive:

  • Promotional visuals and corresponding promotional links for your appearances.
  • Mentions in our Social Media as a guest and for the episodes you are on.
  • Listed on the Red Direction website with your picture, bio, and links.
  • The opportunity to submit articles, with your name on the by-line, on website on a topic that compliments your appearance and is in your area of professional expertise. Submit here.
  • A full-use, non-transferable, license of each published program you appear in for use in your marketing and PR.

As our guest, you agree (by recording with us and appearing on the show):

  • Mention and share about #BoldBusinessPodcast to your audience on your media and networks.
  • Actively promote your program(s) as they air (and participate in pre-promotion of LIVE shows).
  • You may submit articles on any topic in your area of professional expertise – they will not be promotional, just educational. Submit here.
  • All rights to the recordings and versions of each program and the final product are productions of the BOLD Business Podcast, and all owned by Red Direction, LLC.
  • You will not modify, crop, clip, or modify any episode in any way

The audience of #BoldBusinessPodcast is growth-oriented business leaders. They have problems they need to solve, and they don’t know how to start, what’s tripping them up along the way, and even why they can never reach their goals. They want ideas, insight, and information they can parse quickly with little effort.

All #BOLDBusinessPodcast interviews are facilitated by Jess Dewell. Your interview will be incorporated into a program that focuses on one current business topic.

You, as our guest, will receive proper material that will enable you to prepare for the conversation. Your preparation will add context to our discussion.

After being recorded, we perform light editing on our content, and our recording dates are not air dates. We will let you know when the show will air and provide you marketing elements.

The BOLD Business Podcast team believes in reciprocity. We will publish and promote our programs across our distribution channels, and we ask you to do the same.

To make the whole process as easy as possible for you to promote, we provide promotional visuals and corresponding promotional links for your programs.