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Program 21 – How do you approach planning?

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The ability to articulate a plan (create it) and do a plan (implement it) to get to the desired result takes repetition. What we do with our plans are just as important. The follow through, the implementation also matters. For this Leaders Discuss program, set aside everything you think you know about planning. Jessica shares 5 elements of creating a plan, and then she asks Joel Dawson and Geoffrey X Lane How do you approach planning?

Program 21 - How do you approach planning?Starting The Conversation…

  • 5 Elements of a plan that consider constraints of money and time.
  • How do you approach planning?

Host: Jessica Dewell      Panel: Geoffrey X Lane

What You Will Hear:

Time moves fast, reflect and remember.

Plans show up in tiny ways and grand ways.

Steps of planning are repeatable.

We’ve been conditioned to give answers (immediately) to why questions.

‘Why’ questions ARE NOT part of planning. Avoid to WHY traps.

Three  ‘what’ questions to create a plan.

The two skills plan well.

Values are a large part of planning. Don’t let them be a misfit in your business.

Conscious and unconscious action.

The bar is low. Make the plan, get milestones in place, and develop the company’s planing and execution process brings results.

Where ice cream and business overlap.

Notable & Quotable:

Jessica Dewell: Keep why questions external – when creating a plan, why questions get in our own way (they build walls).

Geoffrey X Lane: [Why] is the Boobie Prize. If focused on WHY, start to lose all the things that really matter to experience life.

Geoffrey X Lane: I ask myself “What worked?” first.

Jessica Dewell: Planning starts with the skills of observation and listening that include combined with values.

Jessica Dewell: When we take on the values of a business (we are the center) we are likely to weaken relationships and have difficult communication. Have your own values.

Geoffrey X Lane: Values on paper remove communication.

Geoffrey X Lane: People make up the fabric of society.

Jessica Dewell: We all have weaknesses. And, when we understand the weaknesses and see where risks of the team are we can plan for them.

Geoffrey X Lane: A recipe is a plan. It has timing, sequencing, and preparation all in place.


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