Become More Focused

Top Tips To Become More Focused

There is no one size fits all. There’s no silver bullet. Things that work for other businesses might not work for yours. Even so, reading books and analyzing your competition will always offer some grain of wisdom to provide a different perspective. Just like the BOLD Business Podcast does. These external resources help focus you back on what’s necessary to achieve your goals.

The one word focus can seem scary, because somewhere deep down, you might think that while focusing on one thing you will miss something else.

Yes, FOMO the fear of missing out is more real in business because things can be slower to take shape, longer to implement, and require adjustments to get to desired results.

We asked business owners and other professionals to share their focus/refocus approach. How do they begin? Most of them start by identifying unknown and evaluating initiatives.

When you must find the best path back to your business focus be diligent and intentional.

Focus outlines your purpose, goals, objectives, technology, and the overall plan to get there.

(Just think not having the right focus eventually will result in inefficiency, frustration, and disengagement.) 

We live in difficult times, and maintaining focus is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, effort to establish a strategic focus is a key leadership skill.

Answering these questions will help you shift and refocus:

  • If you could change anything about your management team (including you), what would it be?
  • What is the one thing (that keeps you aligned with mission) that will create the most impact right now for your business?
  • What could be the long-term consequences of my current path?

Red Direction tapped ten business leaders to share their top tips on how to become more focused.

“Everyone’s different. Don’t beat yourself up on it. What might be cool is to align yourself with someone who can help do a check for you. Have a mentor or even a personal accountability partner to help you stay in check or stay in rhythm.Chris Prefontaine, Founder/ Mentor Smart Real Estate Coach

“There are 3 core elements [of every mindset]: strategy, process, and measurable outcomes. Focus on outcome versus output.” – Jim Barnish, CEO & Founder StartUp Solutions

“You can take a five minute break. It’s like a meditation if you want and just stop. Stop the energy that’s going in the wrong direction and refocus it.” – Dr. Ruby Lathon, Holistic Health Coach, Roadmap to Holistic Health


“It’s very important to talk to your customers and important to understand their pain points. But, it’s also very important to do what you feel is right. ” – Tallis Salamatian, Entrepreneur and Author  

“This is a big moment. It’s not your only moment. You need to march on with whatever you’re doing. You need to be resilient and go about your business as best you can.” – Jeff Bermant, Founder & CEO Virtual World Computing

“Our first step is not how do we get to the solution. Our first step is: are we using the right tools? Do we have the right tools? And, do we have the knowledge to use the tools to get to the right answer? ” Dr. Aditya Nagrath, Chancellor Elephant Learning Math Academy 

“Consider each person on the team as human beings and the context of what they bring to work. Evaluate the team, make sure they aren’t losing steam.” – Amy Myers, Principal Possibilities Connected LLC

“We can get distracted by the room layout, body language, micro expressions, telephone versus email, time of day, maybe we’re hungry. But if I focus on my needs, and I know them, I’m less likely to be influenced during the negotiation.” – Martin Medeiros, Author, Speaker, Attorney Negotiation Strategist Research

“When you’re a leader you have to focus on getting to the objective, and all of the things that you need to do to get there. Some may be technical, some may be people-related and have nothing to do with the actual product or service or the technology.” – Kyle M. Brown, Founder Resolve Ops  

“With a clear framework, both planed and unplanned refocusing can be responded to more quickly.” – Jess Dewell: Red Direction, Operations and Strategy 

As an additional reading material, we suggest following articles:

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