Get Unstuck Quick! Jessica Dewell’s Appearance on CLBLive

Act To PLAN and Get Unstuck Quick

What’s the remedy for being simply, completely, unequivocally stuck? How about recognizing that fact and then moving forward? And that’s just where my discussion with Christine L Bowen on CLBLive began. Read on for the highlights, because the conversation provides solutions right at your fingertips!

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From the starting points of feeling overwhelmed and the accompanying procrastination, we can choose to see how exactly the “stuck” presents itself in our lives … or not. Comfortable chairs or lumps of stuff swept under the rug, and patterns noticed when you are avoiding something.

Broadcast highlights:

  • The Steps to Get Unstuck Quick with daily, weekly and monthly goals.

The Steps to Get Unstuck Quick

These steps are useful for daily, weekly and monthly goals.

  1. Recognize that there is a problem. While not knowing the actual problem, we still experience stress and pain and, in turn, become reactionary.
  2. Act To PLAN. This is the data gathering stage. We can use information more quickly when the gathering process occurs over time. We collect the data necessary to maximize time and effort.
  3. Gather any and all solutions. Then filter the results to determine what resources and skills are available right now. Finally, take what’s left and filter yet again using values and mission.
  4. Choose a solution and get moving to put it in play!

BONUS: Steps to Get Unstuck Quick for Long-Term Goals

This four steps process changes only slightly for longer-range one-year and three-year (or longer) goals:

  1. Recognize the problem.
  2. Act to PLAN. Evaluate information collected and look at the trajectory moving in. Shape goals based on outcomes, and how any course corrections will be addressed in moving toward and staying on track.
  3. Gather solutions. First, filter to mission and values. Then, filter based on outcome which options end exactly where that goal is taking us. Identify missing skills and necessary resources.
  4. Create and implement a solution.

Let’s shift up!

When we find things we don’t like or that drain our energy, it doesn’t matter that the endeavor is the right thing to do. What matters is that a mere 15 minutes of activity will take two hours from which to recover.

Until the doing takes place, we don’t know if we like an activity or not. Or have the ability to follow through and finish it or not. Once cognizant of such details, we can shift how we look at the exercise and determine how to complete the work supporting the desired outcome in a more resourceful way.

For your reading pleasure, some notable comments and you can watch the full show here: “Get Unstuck Quick! Act To PLAN!” with Jessica


  • “I’m almost always moving forward.”  Jessica Dewell
  • “As creative thinkers we are contrarian thinkers. ‘Act to PLAN’ is a contrarian phrase.” Christine L. Bowen 
  • “When I tried to look back and see what I’ve done to know where I was going … I never felt change. Instead, I stayed exactly where I was it was overwhelming. I don’t have to be defined by my past, just recognize it happened.” Jessica Dewell
  • “Jessica is wisdom personified.” Christine L. Bowen




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