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Top Tips For Becoming a Better Leader

Our recent questionnaire confirmed what we already knew – there is no single way to lead well.

Defining what makes good leadership and a good leader, can not be explained by some mathematical equation. However, most of the time, people agreed that leadership needs to be consistent, and those good leaders have to keep on learning and growing.

So, we tried to determine if there’s one (or more) critical element of consistent leadership: to know priorities, be present, or practice simplicity. Of course, our results were somewhat inconclusive – people picked all of those elements, or just one.

Part of the challenge with being consistent is that we are faced with so much uncertainty. How we relate to the unknown is part of what people experience from us. It’s part of leadership that we don’t look as often, yet it is incredibly important as it shapes our expectations and body language.

Good leadership takes a lot of effort, and each of us is different, one’s personality influences the leadership style, and how we show up.

It’s important to remember that studying leadership understanding leadership styles is important. The importance of connecting and recognizing the way others approach leadership helps you.

This knowledge helps you connect, recognize the best way to communicate, and what you can do to be supportive of them reaching their goals.

Red Direction tapped ten business leaders to share their top leadership advice.

Consider some of the following tips for how to develop yourself a better leader, and incorporate these tips into your style to build your leadership approach.

Annalisa Parent – CEO and founder at Date with the Muse

There’s no to-do list. There’s no checklist. There’s no, “Here’s how to become a thought leader.” There are as many ways to be a thought leader as there are to be a leader in anything else.

Ron Goode, M.Ed., – Director of Education

Most of a company’s culture doesn’t happen in the limelight. It’s the people. The values set the foundation, but it’s the actions a person takes based on those values that create the culture.

Laura Underhill – Chiropractor, Renew Your Spine Chiropractic

The tragedy of poor leadership is when the leader presumes their colleagues operate the same way they do. The effort would be infinitely better spent tuning into the person you hope to lead.

Jessica DuFresne, PMP

Jenny DuFresne, PMP – CEO, DuFresne Solutions Group

Leadership is a constant set of actions. We don’t seem to place as much emphasis on the personal development of leadership. To be bold is to lead, really having done some internal work.

Mark Carruthers – Principal & Senior Consultant – Avgi Management Consulting

It’s critical for a leader to be consistent with their words and actions. Consistent in your treatment of everybody, There’s no favoritism. Everybody’s equal. They all bring something to the table.

Kyle M. Brown – Technical Project Manager

Becoming more objective oriented person, than trying to focus on that would be probably the most significant piece of advice that I would give someone moving into a leadership role.

Debbi Sluys – Personal Development & Empowerment Coach

A big lesson for me was to look at each new person that came on my team as an individual. To get to know them, understand what they’re bringing to the team. How do they want to be valued?

Greg Aden – Owner/Founder Aden Leadership

Being kind and considerate at all times, not at all costs, at all times is something we can keep in front of us more often than not.

Jessica Pettit

Jessica Pettit – Author and Speaker

Regardless of power and position, start recognizing when you are or are not showing up with a degree of humility.

Jess Dewell – Managing Partner, Red Direction

While nobody likes uncertainty, that’s where the possibility is. That’s where the wonderment is.

Discovering your own true leadership style is part of the uncertainty you face. Yet, by getting to know yourself you are working with more knowledge. The way you show up can be a known which changes how you show up to uncertainty. The more you know about yourself, the more possibilities you are open to explore.

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