The CEO's Playbook for Building a Disciplined Organization

The CEO’s Playbook for Building a Disciplined Organization

Starting the conversation: Embrace repetition. It changes more than your own perspective (clarity!) with understanding. Your business goals have a higher chance of completion with higher quality outcomes when everyone is moving in the same direction. Jeff Eschliman, CEO and Executive Coach discusses how to unlock success with the use of discipline. Measurement and results […]

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event February 15, 2024
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VBB_206 Recognize Risk

Recognize Risk and Realize Value (LIVE)

Facing uncertainty can be challenging – being a business owner facing uncertainty is tougher. Red Direction helps you [fast track and] grow your business – authentically, pragmatically, and resiliently. Start your journey HERE! Starting the conversation… How do we evaluate risk to better understand the full potential of an opportunity? Host: Jess Dewell Guest: Martin […]