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Starting the conversation…

What does it really take to be all-in and lead a harmonious life?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Mark Hardcastle

What You Will Hear:

The first step to find patterns in our life across our entire life.

Our path and our challenges are teachers.

We learn tools from our experience, and it’s our choice (to turn back or) to find the lesson and apply it.

Know what we can control and interact with that consciously.

Simple versus easy; face our fear.

Take action and know what you will do with bumps in the road: take the next step.

When the goal is not the end, but the launching pad to the next goal.

Three steps to realize your vision.

Don’t split attention, intentionally choose a goal to work on (and when it can be worked on without interruption).

Do you look back and think what life would be like if circumstances were different?

Recognize our constraints and work with them.

It is BOLD to stay in the process.

Notable and Quotable:


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Mark Hardcastle 4:32
You’ve heard this time and time again, all we have is this moment. What I have right now is my ability to interact with you. What’s happened in the past is past. I can’t do anything about that. What’s happening in the future, I can look forward to that, but it may never actually come. All I have is the present. So I’m always cognizant of that.

Mark Hardcastle 4:54
As I walk into the future, I have my ideas, my vision for what I want that to look like, and doesn’t always turn out that way.

Mark Hardcastle 5:09
Here’s one of the ground rules life. Plato told us over 2000 years ago to be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.

Mark Hardcastle 6:36
We can look back to our past and use the tools that we have picked up, and apply the lessons that we have learned from our past to situations that are going to present themselves in the future. They’ll have little twists, so they’ll be different. They won’t be exactly the same, but they will better enable us to deal with stuff as it approaches.

Mark Hardcastle 8:50
Sometimes life kicks you where it hurts, and you can either lay there and moan, or you can get up and move on with what’s important. Simple. Not necessarily easy.

Jess Dewell 14:11
Determination is such an important part of life. And none of us really look at it that way.

Jess Dewell 14:24
We wake up and we have a goal or we don’t have a goal. So first of all, I guess would be, get a goal.

Jess Dewell 15:10
As soon as I surrendered, there was a different light, meaning a different path eliminated. So today, I will rest. Today, I will ask for help.

Mark Hardcastle 17:59
The way I learned to be effective was to recognize that every person on my crew was there for a reason.

Mark Hardcastle 18:51
What I learned was that I was most effective when I pushed my ego out of the way and actively sought input from everybody else on the airplane. Ultimately, I was the decision-maker. But I made much better decisions when I leaned on the expertise of those around me.

Mark Hardcastle 20:18
They all have their role. And if I can just get out of their way and let them do their thing. Let them show up. Show up.

Mark Hardcastle 20:30
It was Woody Allen, who said, “80% of success in life is showing up,.” If I squelched that. If I suppressed that. They’re not able to blossom into their fullest capacity on a given day. Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to suppress that when I can harvest that and then use it to be more effective myself.

Mark Hardcastle 22:46
We create the vision. That’s often not hard. The hard part then is figuring out the how. And that’s where we go from simple to not necessarily easy.

Mark Hardcastle 23:03
Once we figure out the how, then we are able to engage with the process.

Quotes_209_Jess Dewell, leadership, effective business

Mark Hardcastle 23:21
If the first step is too hard, let’s see if we can chunk that down a little bit more, and break it down to steps that we can actually accomplish.

Mark Hardcastle 24:42
Going from simple to not necessarily easy. Yeah, it may be hard to get all the way to the top, but we chunk it down. If that’s still too big, well, let’s chunk it down even further.

Mark Hardcastle 27:22
So we’ve got three simple steps to go from theory to practice. Figure out what it is you want to do. Determine the how. And then begin. And each one of those steps has its own challenges.

Mark Hardcastle 27:37
The begin part, that’s when we really have to confront the fear. We all have fear. Fear of looking silly. Fear of failure. Fear of fear success in some cases. But we have to confront that fear, or we just do not begin. We don’t take that step.

Mark Hardcastle 28:08
You begin, and then you cannot succeed unless you determined to stay in the process until you achieve what you want to achieve.

Mark Hardcastle 28:27
So many people stop the drive on the one-yard line. I mean they’ve made it all the way up the field., but for whatever reason they don’t finish.

Mark Hardcastle 28:58
The minor buys the claim, tunnels and tunnels, and tunnels, and tunnels and never gets to the gold vein. Gives up, sells the claim and the next person comes in and chops out three feet of stone and hits the mother lode. If he had just kept going that last three feet, but he gave up just too soon.

Mark Hardcastle 35:44
The universe will tell us when it’s time to change direction.

Mark Hardcastle 38:01
I think it was Michelangelo who said, “The challenge is not that we aim too high and miss. It’s that we aim too low and hit the mark.” We will never know how close to the stars we could get. if we don’t aim for the stars, and then maybe hit the moon. We wouldn’t have hit the moon if we hadn’t aim that high.

Mark Hardcastle 38:33
Stay in the process until the process makes it very, very clear that you have a different destiny.

Mark Hardcastle 39:19
Surrounding ourselves with people who have expertise that we don’t enables us to go much farther than we could on our own.

Mark Hardcastle 44:22
If you don’t want it that bad, you can choose on your days off to veg, or you can choose to take a little step. It’s a matter of which one do you want more? Do I want to rest and relax more? Or do I want to advance my ultimate goal?

Mark Hardcastle 49:57
Is this gonna kill me, even if I fail? No. Well then, I’m going to be bold enough to step out, and risk, and achieve.



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