Red Direction generally requires a 60-day exclusive for an original article, first serial world rights, with all rights reverting to the author 60 days from the first day published.

Previously- published materials will be considered if the original form of publication was somewhere unlikely to have been seen by our readers.

As with all publications, we have a style of presentation. We suggest you read our blog to experience our style and what topics have been recently covered.

Red Direction prints author byline (including a short bio) of up to 30 words and my either include a social media profile link or a website, but not both. This byline tells why your an expert on the topic – it is not an advertisement.

Additional items we consider with submission that you may find helpful:

  • We will create an image for use with your article. No need to find, send, or create one.
  • You will have your own byline in the article, on which you may place one link.
  • We ask for links to three other articles you’ve written – they can be on your website or guest posts on other websites.
  • Your writing must have positive intent. No negative comments, name calling, or swearing.
  • We do not accept pseudonyms or pen names.
  • We want you to have active accounts on at least two of the social platforms we use.
  • ALL sources must be attributed with links included – this includes images. Never quote a statistic without stating where it came from AND hyperlinking the source.
  • Send us a Google Doc link (Google folder) that is editable so we may copy/paste and have the article properly formatted. If you have visuals DO NOT insert them in the google doc; instead, add them to your designated folder as separate files with a link at the bottom of the article.
  • If people leave comments on your post, we expect you to respond – in a timely manner – on the website and in social media.
  • Articles should be original, not previously published – and this includes no passages lifted from other articles unless attributed and presented as a quote.

Please note: We will not publish sponsored articles or paid links. Google has strict rules about this. We will not risk censure so we do not accept these types of articles.

Guest posting with us, you can expect to:

  • Have a graphic for the article provided.
  • Be featured in our social media.
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in a community-driven Top Tips post.
  • See your article in one of our newsletters.