Jess Dewell
Emcee & Facilitator
Business Events, Retreats

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Jessica Dewell, a seasoned business leader and recognized facilitator, brings a unique blend of achievement-driven results and insightful wisdom to her work with you. She not only creates the space and sets the energetic tone for events but also fearlessly leads large groups, showcasing her willingness to confront challenges head-on. With a track record of success and a reputation for fostering unconventional ideas, Jess has engaged tens of thousands of business owners and leaders worldwide.  By highlighting concerns and problems through a realistic lens, Jess catalyzes meaningful change, empowering others to achieve lasting results while embracing growth and innovation.

Reality is that we will make decisions from imperfect information. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It might even be able to be fun.

Highlighting concerns and problems through a thoughtful, realistic lens can, however, serve as the catalyst to navigate periods of uncertainty. Jess Dewell, bringing you over 20 years of business experience and 10 years of leading event discussions adeptly addresses that it is ok not to have all the answers. With her keen insights, Jess finds art of your go-to decision making style and provide you with frameworks to promote clarity and commitment to goals.

Knowing the path allows you to lead others toward the same goal.

Your event and retreat have a specific purpose, and Jess gladly will participate in the design of the event to achieve its outcomes. Here are key concepts and takeaways to start the custom design process:

  • Create self-sufficient, take-charge teams that want to attract more business.
  • Use smart, creative sessions that promotes near- and far-term strategic development, and, in turn, longevity.
  • Rediscover and clarify your objectives to communicate growth goals.
  • How to shift out of stagnation and to innovating for success.

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    Praise for Jess and her programs:

    “She brings a vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm, igniting the spirit within the team [to advance] our careers. With strong communication skills, Jessica’s training courses are filled with new information and hands-on exercises, and time for questions and individual assistance.”

    – Cheryl Bourg, Broker

    Jess’ workshops, talks, and keynotes are expertly crafted specifically for small businesses. Bring her to your next event to facilitate a program on a topic that is pertinent to the success of your organization.

    Jessica has moved us forward in areas of leadership, assessment, “knowledge being power” and how to influence our businesses while giving to our communities and women all over the world. 

    She carefully studied the past of our chapters and looked at where we are currently. She then looked at where we wanted to go. With that research and information, we were able to move forward with an actual plan of action.

    Sharon Simmons

    Vice President of Advocacy, Business and Professional Women of Colorado

    Jessica’s vibrancy is contagious. After time with Jess, you’ll want some of what she’s having! As a leader, Jessica is direct, insightful, curious, and someone who rolls up her sleeves right along with you to help you uncover the direction that best fits your business or organization. Jessica deeply cares about the people she works with and brings out the best in them in a safe, straightforward, and playful manner.

    Julie Thenell, BS/MS/BCHN

    JTC Nutrition

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