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How To Embrace Change And Move Forward

Keeping your head in the game and staying disciplined to see big change through is difficult. The lessons that come from such dedication to building a thriving business include: remembering your gut is an informant to be listened to as part of the decision-making process; rigidness creates missed opportunities; and that change is time-intensive as well as messy.

In this show, you will hear how much more insight you can gain by slowing down, how all the completed work makes this pivot possible, and the struggles that show up during a long period of change. Jess Dewell talks with Kiley Peters, CEO and Founder at RAYNE IX, about embracing change and transitioning to something new.

Not noticing the signs of decision fatigue, work quality decline, and an increase in stress can lead to the perfect storm that can potentially destroy your business. Kiley Peters, CEO and Founder at RAYNE IX, shares her experience making big changes with considered and consistent action.

Tags: business model, pivot, new markets, life integration, stress management, change management, failure, opportunity

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How To Embrace Change And Move Forward

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