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Start with Stress Reduction (p172 LIVE)

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Starting the conversation…

How does reducing stress influence our productivity – and overall results?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Holly Duckworth

What You Will Hear:

Words are powerful.

What mindfulness actually is.

Boundaries are respectful for us and others.

Celebrating the release of Everyday Mindfulness which is Holly’s new book.

How does our pre-conception about mindfulness influence how we define success?

Live Audience Question: What is the simple way for the beginners to become present, especially in the age of fear of missing out.

Starting small – three ways to incorporate mindfulness in every day activities.

A good look at our motives…

Ways to reduce stress and change our life style and work style to support less stress.

Our association with achievement – the self-talk and positioning we need for success.

Be mindfully BOLD.

Live Audience Question: How do I keep the balance? If I’m constantly focused on the NOW, when is the time to use the past, or  plan for the future. I fell stressed out when people talk about being present, seems like a pressure.

What makes it BOLD to start with mindfulness for stress reduction?

Notable and Quotable:

p172 Holly Duckworth - Start with Stress Reduction

Holly Duckworth: Applied mindfulness invites you to be fully present in the moment with non-judgement.

Holly Duckworth: A lot of us try to build a boundary between work life and personal life. I love you people, but it just doesn’t work anymore.

Jess Dewell: Pausing. It allows our heart, our brain and our gut to all check-in in a minute, or less.

Holly Duckworth: Being mindful everyday is also be mindful of your needs to have space between those energy shift.

Holly Duckworth: What are you willing to do for you in service to the world?

Holly Duckworth: It’s not hard to be kind.

Jess Dewell: If we have too many milestones or not enough milestones along the way, there’s no space to actually allow and see other opportunity that come.

p172 Jess Dewell - Start with Stress Reduction

Holly Duckworth: Put the pause button on and simply feel your feet on the ground, and take your attention to the awareness of the Earth supporting you.

Holly Duckworth: There is a force and there is a source and there is an energy that is supporting you wherever you are.

Holly Duckworth: I’m right person, at the right time,doing the right and perfect work. (affirmation)

Jess Dewell: Sitting on a mat, or walking, or drinking a cup of tea in silence. I think all three are different forms of meditation.

Holly Duckworth: ABC. “A" is affirming the good, “B" is Breathe and “C" is Center.

Holly Duckworth: If you’re looking to reduce your stress and increase your focus, you have to stay in that state of curiosity and discovery.

Holly Duckworth: Move through the waves of it and allow yourself naturally, graciously to move on the other side.

Holly Duckworth: If you want to live with a good joyous life every day, then we have to find these places of pause and make the most of them.

Jess Dewell: When my three brains align with my spirit — my head brain, my heart brand, and my gut brain — when they’re all in sync? My spirit goes, “I’m ready for anything” and off I go. And if I try and go longer? That’s just silly for me.

Holly Duckworth: The mindfulness practice as Spirit centered practice invites us to the being of how we’re going to be in the doing.

Holly Duckworth: And if you look up the word intention, it’s around the idea of putting your energy in motion.

Holly Duckworth: Many people are getting to the end of their life and looking back and saying, “for what?”


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