Solutions – Weave Value into Business Growth


October 19, 2018 from 900a-630p

Location: Stonebrook Manor Event Center, 650 E. 124th Avenue
Thornton, Colorado 80241

July 31 through October 14

$140 per ticket
$100 when buying 3+

October 15 and at the Door
$200 per ticket

Here’s an opportunity to prepare for and lead your company to achieve its fullest potential — the Weave Value Into Business Growth workshop!

This event takes place on October 19 in Thornton (just outside of Denver) with Jess Dewell, rapid growth entrepreneur, consultant and Business Advocate.

Join us – with your team – to learn, create and use:

  • Increase your Leadership Currency for market adaptability.
  • Retool your teams’ capacity for opportunity and change.
  • Guidance to maximize your company’s value at each step of your company’s growth.

Remove common misunderstandings about what a growth strategy is and how to use it.

With technology and perceptions changing quickly, the ability to adapt and build resilience come from using time differently. The way one approaches situations with immediate need, with just the teensiest bit of forethought, tends to drive long-term goals. Counterintuitively, leaders who use long-term goals as a filter to address unexpected situations and medium-length goals get better results over time.

This team workshop is geared toward taking advantage of what you already know, have experienced, and the problems you are trying to solve right now, without losing sight of where the company is going … and without completely stalling or feeling cornered into a need to reinvent. Use the work already done, the base of knowledge already in place, and an agile business plan to adapt as needed to maximize growth.

Use ThinkTimeTM and Build Leadership CurrencyTM
to ignite your company’s growth strategy.

Your immediately useful and implementable takeaways:

  • Prioritize tasks to strengthen company culture.
  • A clear lens to use when communicating.
  • A new way to conduct business reviews on the fly.
  • Shift to a team that is excited about what’s next.

Overview: One-Day Intensive Program

What’s Growth Strategy got to do with my role?

Your role – as a leader with budget responsibility and team performance accountability – has a lot of unknowns. The way you lead has roots in how you feel about ambiguity … the fact that information is imperfect and also usually incomplete. The way you address these unknowns can instill confidence in your team, or not.

Falling back on ingrained habits that we used, with some level of success in the past, will not support great leaps in sales, in scaling, and in positioning for acquisition.

You are in your role because of specialized skills and/or leadership. In both cases past performance was a factor in your promotability. The scope of your role now directly impacts the bottom line, product delivery, manufacturing, supply chain … human resources and sales. Every senior role in an organization has a responsibility in implementing and executing the company’s growth strategy.

Growth Strategy and Your Team’s Success

Understanding how your role fits into the company’s growth strategy is an often-overlooked role responsibility. The skills you bring that will impact the achievement of your company’s growth strategy are vital, and it’s important to understand how you will leverage them. The way you define the company’s values can be analyzed in the cohesiveness of your direct reports.

These are elements of Leadership Currency™. They are measured by the way value is created and how long it lasts. Leading today requires that you are able to articulate company value, demonstrate behaviors that build value, and create a dynamic knowledge base that is steeped in an understanding of how you and your team fulfill and achieve objectives.

The Difference in Leading and Leadership

ThinkTime™ is a core tool that is part of every framework Red Direction teaches you to apply. The evolution of your ability to think and apply problem-solving and decision-making skills for the success of your team and the company takes time, and we must make time to think; to chew on problems; to perform analysis of competitors, risk, and opportunity. It’s how we decide to find the best actionable steps that use your team’s strengths and develop their weaknesses – to be future leaders.

You have a conscious responsibility to the company, your community, your career, and yourself personally.

How you show up under stress, duress, and gigantic unexpected situations has a default. Knowing the default patterns to which you revert provides insight into how the default pattern impacts your team, as well as the outcome. It is possible to override the default with more productive and leveraged responses.

  • Evolve your conscious responsibility, personally, socially, and in your career
  • Realize and fully utilize what you value consciously.
  • What you do: not fully realizing what you value when you don’t reflect.

With the right training you can revert to a more ideal response and have a quicker, stronger useful action to rely on. You can change your conditioning to something you choose.

We tend to think that decisions can easily be reversed. While true, there is a built-in cost: setbacks, unwinding work already done, team confusion, and even an undercurrent of frustration that it might also happen next time.

Even though we can change our mind easily, the implications are far reaching. Spending more time upfront investigating and thinking embodies a culture of resilience because with our incomplete and imperfect data, possible issues have been outlined so there is less surprise … no full stops … no starting from the beginning (again).

Register today and reserve your seat.

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Use What You Learn Right Away

Outcomes you can count on:

Increase confidence and move more effectively through pressure-cooker situations.

Attain more results and ignite possibility within your team – that they can achieve more together.

Find the power in slowing down – harness the potential that comes with active thinking.

Change your default response to launch into problems by choice.

Find THE RIGHT solution RIGHT NOW.

Harness the dynamic of an objective to fuel priorities.

Find and use the intrinsic motivation of each person on your team.

Shift from fighting fires to blazing the trail.

Lead with confidence and build Leadership CurrencyTM at the same time.

Think differently about resources and energy – chose paths that will require less backtracking.

Optimize situations by slowing down and increasing deliberate response using ThinkTimeTM.

Use learning from your own experiences and from others.

Incorporate compassion with a mindset shift to rely on strengths and use them to improve upon weaknesses.

Foster open dialogue that makes a place for everyone’s personal goals to work better together.

Build on necessary skills to lead effectively today:

Compassion, Decision-Making, Arbitration, Consciousness, Awareness, Creativity

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