Growth Strategy Plan Consult


So you’ve brainstormed and chosen your initiative. You’ve set your goals. Congratulations! Now what?

– Formulate steps that will lead to a cohesive plan for implementation;
– Decide how to best leverage time and energy; and
– Figure out milestones and metrics to measure success.

Set priorities matter to reach the end: achieving the goal. This plan will outline what to expect using your existing resources and preparing for pieces necessary that fall outside the skill sets of your team. This plan is one you can manage, purposefully, to completion.

The result is a realistic, practical plan that takes into account variables such as your desired level of aggressiveness versus risk tolerance. In short…

Don’t grow without knowing where to go!

This Growth Strategy Plan Consult product includes two meetings: an initial consult to clarify the goal, and a second to present the plan to you.

Additional support is also available. Jess will meet with you once or twice a month to check in with you on the progress (using your metrics) and problem-solve, with you, to handle obstacles that crop up along the way.

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  • Initial meeting
  • Research
  • Plan presentantion
  • Final meeting

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