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Program 1 – You Be the Judge

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P1 You Be The JudgeProgram Notes

Interviewers are looking for specific things – they are filtering candidates in or out. The flip side is also true – candidates are evaluating the interviews for what they want and need. Finding and keeping talent is a two way street.

Transcript of You Be The Judge.

Angela Solomon: Find creative solutions to bring women back to the workplace.

Tanya Bourque: Have a talent map.

Bruce Hurwitz: Give people a chance, let them have setbacks, reach the goal … it’s how they grow.

Amy Miller: Know what to say, when to say, and how to say it.


Amy Miller has spent more than 10 years in agency recruiting, staffing everything from truck drivers to CFOs. After a detour in public service as an Employment Counselor with the State of Washington, she came back to recruiting on the corporate side – first with Zones Inc. and now at Microsoft, where she recruits Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.

Bruce Hurwitz, President Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, is a recognized authority on career counseling, recruitment, and employment issues. His posts have garnered national and international media attention, including appearances on the Fox Business Network, Headline News (CNN), the local New York Fox affiliate, and a mention on Good Morning America.

Angela Solomon infuses her BOLD personality and cultural differences to offer a unique blend and extensive breadth of experience relative to the Recruitment and Career Coaching industry. She has been involved in the corporate and agency recruiting industry for twenty (20) years placing the best and finest Wall Street Executives Worldwide.

Starting the conversation…

It is possible to use same skills for finding and keeping a job and building a career.

How to make our personal values and our company culture shine through.

Whether we are interviewing for a job, close a sale, finalize a business partnership there are hoops to jump through. These hoops are not anywhere close to frivolous, they are necessary.

Host: Jessica Dewell    Co-Host: Tanya Bourque
Guests: Amy Miller, Bruce Hurwitz, Angela Solomon

What You Will Hear:

  • Change in thinking to attract and keep talent.
  • Who do we want to invest money in to keep them with us?
  • Know current stats: people may choose not to work because of what the market looks like.
  • Confidence. Know what you want to do and what strengths are.
  • We need to study the organizations we are approaching and what to work with.
  • Tips to approach a new relationship.
  • Research beyond the website – what’s happening in their news and what do customers say, etc.
  • LinkedIn contacts we really don’t know, yet they reach out to us for help.
  • Ways resourcefulness stand out.
  • Skills necessary for today’s workplace.
  • Willingness to do what it takes.
  • The flip side of each of the skills – what it looks like.
  • Timing and tact matter in conversations.
  • Tips and ideas for what to say, when to say, how much to say.
  • Practice is always useful.
  • Shape of work and what workplace means today.
  • 62.8% is work force labor labor rate.
  • Remote and onsite work situations.
  • Mentors and mentorship.
  • How to keep learning even if no hands-on experience.

Notable and Quotable

Angela Solomon: It takes personality, courage, fortitude and entrepreneurial spirit in order to advance yourself.

Amy Miller: I focus on ‘screening in.’ What reasons this person may add something to our team.

Bruce Hurwitz: You have to be very creative with your questions and with your answers to the questions. You have to prepare like never before.

Angela Solomon: Resume gets you through the door, interview seals the deal.

Bruce Hurwitz: Research to ask questions and answer questions that show your research.

Amy Miller: Know what you are good at and package it well.

Amy Miller: Know what to say, when to say, and how to say it.

Bruce Hurwitz: Tune into body language – it tells a story.

Angela Solomon: Have concise answers.

Amy Miller: What you say may be different than what is heard.

Angela Solomon: Find creative solutions to bring women back to the workplace.

Tanya Bourque: Have a talent map.

Bruce Hurwitz: Give people a chance, let them have setbacks, reach the goal…it’s how they grow.


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