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Program 56: Connections by Design

[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/5350856/height/75/width/600/theme/standard/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/” height=”75″ width=”600″]Connections are designed with an awareness of yourself and then thoughtfully to connect to other people.

There is a freedom that comes with shifting the way we look at what we want. A shift away from what we want to what can we learn. The discipline to be a teacher sometimes and a student other times creates space for learning. It’s through active engagement with the information we seek that we learn – that we add depth to create a connection that can result in a lasting relationship. Jessica Dewell talks with Ken Gordon about connections by design.

Program 56: Connections by DesignStarting the conversation…

  • Relationship building is by design, and you use written content.
  • How do you use content (your own and others) to build relationships?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Guest: Ken Gordon

What You Will Hear:

Weave in passion to life.

Stories that are told to share information.

Structuring content to build relationships.

Problem with content marketing.

Content creates a lasting imprint.

What quality is and to be interesting and smart.

Social media as a learning experience through conversation.

Filtering is a skill (aka: discernment).

Student and teacher mindsets.

Innovation – what it means and how it relates to problem solving.

The beginners mind is the place to start.

A practice to develop thinking skills and get smarter.

Take the opportunity to learn from and with networking.

Notable & Quotable:

Ken Gordon: Content when done well connects two people and creates an artifact of community.

Ken Gordon: I’m all about quality. Quality in content, quality in conversation, and quality in community.

Jessica Dewell: Value other people’s time when we are creating content.

Ken Gordon: Social media … means I can be a student and a teacher all the time.

Jessica Dewell: What matters is what I choose to learn and to teach.

Ken Gordon: To know you have something worth saying you have to have a depth of knowledge.

Ken Gordon: Innovation is from the initial spark to the full implementation.

Ken Gordon: Look [and listen] in places where people go to talk about the products they use.

Ken Gordon: I know I don’t know enough, and I’m driven to know more.


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