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Program 46 – The Need to Be Right

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Knowledge can be binding if we let it, and when we hold on to what’s true we become anxious and fearful (and worse, we believe our own BS).

We all find strategies to get what we want from an early age, and our success. Choices change with new discoveries about what we know. We have the ability to choose, in fact – it’s our responsibility, to keep learning and build self awareness to know if we really need to be right. Jessica Dewell and Geoffrey X Lane explore what’s behind the need to be right.

Program 46 - The Need to Be RightStarting the conversation…

  • Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?
  • How our beliefs play a role in our lives.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Geoffrey X Lane

What You Will Hear:

Observations about why do people want to be right?

Science and curiosity find boundaries.

Our experiences shape our view of the world.

The information we gather (and choose to look at) impacts our beliefs.

Our life experience influences what we choose to believe.

Insights from learning to observe. And, discussion of perspectives.

We have choice – and life with the outcomes.

Self preservation and who we really are.

Reality changes with innovation and technology.

Control and the need to be right.

The value in information passed down builds our collective consciousness.

Notable & Quotable:

Geoffrey X Lane: Science is only right until the next discovery.

Jessica Dewell: Opposites (right/wrong, in/out) are our own constructs.

Jessica Dewell: When culture is unclear in business, where perceptions fill in the blanks, there are misunderstandings.

Geoffrey X Lane: We get stuck in our own time warp when we find something that works, it becomes our truth.

Geoffrey X Lane: The 5 year old in all of us knows what strategies (behaviors) work to get us what we want.

Jessica Dewell: Live to your values.

Jessica Dewell: We must work things out for ourself based on the info we seek out, the people we surround ourself with, and be open to hear other points of view.

Geoffrey X Lane: When you approach something looking for validation, you will find it.

Jessica Dewell: We must rebuild from the hard knocks of life.

Jessica Dewell: They were wrong about you. You were right about you.

Geoffrey X Lane: There is no guarantee that your drive and ambition will be successful.

Geoffrey X Lane: Sometimes things go bust when it runs into reality. That’s when a mind shift is necessary.

Jessica Dewell: If we feel out of control, our need to be right increases.

Jessica Dewell: What’s the worst that can happen?

Geoffrey X Lane: I left family knowledge behind, and didn’t appreciate it until I was in my 50’s.


Tags: change, ego, boundaries, structures, information gathering, communication, evidence, choice, trust, openness, preservation, committed, reality, mind shift, ethical, responsible, assumptions

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