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Program 37 – Challenges of Remote Teams

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Freelance, remote teams, outsourced services all are part of today’s business. How we interact and collaborate with them will directly relate to the results. The more candid, open, and focus on collaboration – the higher the results. Just like the team you have surrounding you, in your office, relationship matters. The challenges (and mistakes) of remote teams are also the benefits. Listen to Jessica Dewell and Kelly Hungerford discuss remote teams and the opportunities that specialized collaborators can add to your business.

Program 37 - Challenges of Remote TeamsStarting the conversation…

  • The risks of remote teams are also the benefits!
  • Know priorities.
  • Develop team – more communication creates the correct communication.
  • Rapport builds trust and feelings of usefulness and value.
  • The clearer the goals, the more impactful the work.

Transcript for Program 37: Challenges of Remote Teams

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Kelly Hungerford

What You Will Hear:

What does our collaboration look like?

Remote working is not just to do tasks, it’s about what does your day look like?

Two types of remote work.

Decision made remote working will happen. When we are handed a remote team.

Mission – our WHY – relates to company culture.

It’s more than tactics and project management.

Company culture traps. Results may just be ok.

Choice and culture to foster collaboration.

Conversation and communication – importance of the check-in.

Delegate, dump…push back.

Project evaluation with remote teams.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote teams.

Our weaknesses as a leader are directly tied the challenges we face with remote team management.

Summed up: 3 challenges of remote teams.

Freelance is the future.

Our role as managers continue to change. Planning required.

Secretary, back office, and task management.

Have a purpose to every meeting; lack of purposeful meeting is amplified in remote teams.

Have FUN at work!

Trends in work: core work and bring in subject matter experts (specialists) outsourced to remote teams.

Questions posed have the answers within them.

Notable & Quotable:

Kelly Hungerford: What does remote work mean? It’s not just a contract, it’s how do we collaborate together?

Jessica Dewell: It’s a clarity of process: what we want from our people.

Kelly Hungerford: Culture drives motivation – its the glue within remote teams.

Jessica Dewell: There is always the need to get to know each other.

Jessica Dewell: Working and building relationships in a different culture is hard. There is a lot we don’t know.

Kelly Hungerford: Remote workers work for the employer, they may not want to be part of the remote team.

Kathy Hungerford: Everybody likes to have fun.

Jessica Dewell: Make an agreement. Know upfront.

Jessica Dewell: Remote teams are underutilized when they are just delegated [repeatable] tasks.

Kelly Hungerford: Get a keen sense for who can best collaborate on a project [with remote teams].

Jessica Dewell: If we look at ourself and what our weaknesses are, that’s where we will face challenges utilizing remote teams.

Kelly Hungerford: Lay the framework and ground rules for what success looks like.

Kelly Hungerford: In Switzerland 1 in 4 workers is a remote worker.

Kelly Hungerford: How can we collaborate with non-employees because the interaction is so different.

Jessica Dewell: What is the work that needs to be done so that the role of manager includes time to develop people.

Kelly Hungerford: 25% of week dedicated to planning can make [leaders] hyper effective.

Kelly Hungerford: I made a conscious decision, I want to try working a different way – to have more fun.

Jessica Dewell: Have candid conversations: Here’s what I see…Let’s figure out how to work together to make you and the team achieve success.


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