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Why Compassion and Boundaries Matter For High-Performing Teams

The way we approach our work — identify then solve a problem, reduce costs, produce more, and follow a process for efficiency — can impact the short term. To adapt and flex with change, we must add emotional intelligence. The result from actively opening communication is that relationships deepen and everyone influences the way people complete work together.

In this broadcast, hear about: how to ask for what you want so others know how to support you; the fact that acting with compassion can look different every day; and how healthy boundaries reflect our goals and values. Jess Dewell and Dr. Cassandra LeClaire, Communication Consultant, discuss the importance of healthy boundaries and bringing more compassion to each day.

Your commitment to supporting your team is more complex than ever before. The ability to help others move through tough situations comes from knowing your own boundaries and the boundaries around the way your company completes work. Dr. Cassandra LeClaire, Communication Consultant, talks about how compassion and boundaries work together to create high-performance teams.

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Why Compassion and Boundaries Matter For High-Performing Teams

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