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The BOLD Business Podcast is an ad-free program that helps you guide the group of people trying to execute on your vision. BOLD Business Podcast helps leaders like you clarify the path to success.

Inspire Others And Bring Your Vision To Life

Inspired action is something that drives you or pulls you forward. The skills you must learn to achieve your goals require effort and practice — it will not be easy. As you grow, your vision will grow too. Pivoting is OK, as every action prepares you with the skills required for your next journey.

Relationships help with this learning and journeying. In this program, you will learn what disconnected behaviors look like and what to do to change, the three powers of presence in your business, and how much we really influence the outcomes around us. Jess Dewell talks with Lucas Root, Entrepreneur and Author at SGIC Consulting, about how to inspire others and bring your vision to life.

It takes time to create meaningful relationships in life and business. When you know what you want to accomplish, you know where to put your effort … and how to build relationships with those that can help you reach your goals. Lucas Root, Entrepreneur and Author at SGIC Consulting, talks about leveraging your superhuman power of collaboration.

Tags: deep connection, collaboration, relationship, community, difficult conversations, blindspots, self-awareness, intention

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The BOLD Business Podcast is a resource for you, and will remain free to all. I hope you find enough value in the podcast itself AND the additional exclusive benefits to become a support at a level that reflects its worth as an investment to your personal and professional growth. Learn about benefits of our Listener Supporter Community here.

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Inspire Others And Bring Your Vision To Life

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