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Boost Resilience By Developing Your Skills

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you are bad at something else. Skills take time and energy to build, and your learning experiences always come from less than ideal situations. The discipline to make a decision, communicate it, and guide your team through the execution is constant, even though each decision path will be unique.

You will hear about how to prioritize and address: the problems that are “always just there”; the fact that you are responsible for what your business has done; and how to close the gaps in communicating decisions. Jess Dewell talks with Sean Campbell, CEO at Cascade Insights, about building resilience by building your skills.

Your skills can never be taken away. Once you have them, they are yours for the rest of your life. Failures and successes can both be learning experiences, and with each lesson you build your resilience. Sean Campbell, CEO at Cascade Insights, shares his experiences and the courage it takes to invest in yourself.

Tags: skill building, time management, curiosity, resilience, decision making, difficult conversations, courage

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Boost Resilience By Developing Your Skills

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