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The BOLD Business Podcast is an ad-free program that helps you guide the group of people trying to execute on your vision. BOLD Business Podcast helps leaders like you clarify the path to success.

Link Leadership and Strategy For Better Results

Long-term goals provide a way for your teams to rally around how they can participate in making your company’s vision a reality. With clarity around the expectations, a leadership team that learns to work together collectively is able to respond with greater capacity to the problems and issues that crop up along the way.

In this episode, you will hear about the importance of clearly communicating the way a business  does everything, how to know if you are growing or escaping, and the three ways that leadership teams are different from other teams. Jess Dewell talks with Jack McGuinness, Managing Partner at Relationship Impact, LLC, about seeking how to take collective action.

It is hard to say no to good ideas, yet when doing so you get more of the right work done. It is the right work that creates achievement that turns into lasting success. Success happens when a company recognizes the importance of the WHY behind good leadership teams. Jack McGuinness, Managing Partner at Relationship Impact, LLC, shares about how to achieve more by getting the right people who will navigate uncharted waters together.

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Link Leadership and Strategy For Better Results

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