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The BOLD Business Podcast is an ad-free program that helps you guide the group of people trying to execute on your vision. BOLD Business Podcast helps leaders like you clarify the path to success.

Transform Your Business With Routines

You are a work in progress, and being proud of your past self is paramount to being able to become the person you need to be to achieve all desired goals. Even with doing all that inner work, the ability to connect with others helps people better understand you because your words and actions match. This allows space for achieving more. More money. More time. More peace. More achievement.

This program covers the three actions to fully step into who you are right now, the importance of understanding how to ask for and give help, and tips about how to be accountable to yourself. Jess Dewell talks with Ben Albert, Balbert Marketing LLC and The Real Business Connections Network, about the effort it takes to be confident.

Observe your behaviors. How you ask for help, or don’t, will impact how you are able to create connections. Sales conversations require an ask and your personal brand is as strong as your connections. Ben Albert, Balbert Marketing LLC and The Real Business Connections Network, discusses how being confident in who you are (not what you should be) is the cornerstone of your personal brand.

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The BOLD Business Podcast is a resource for you, and will remain free to all. I hope you find enough value in the podcast itself AND the additional exclusive benefits to become a support at a level that reflects its worth as an investment to your personal and professional growth. Learn about benefits of our Listener Supporter Community here.

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Transform Your Business With Routines

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