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Do Things Differently to Drive Business Growth

Committing time to look at a bigger picture is not easy, yet the awareness that emerges from strategic initiatives allows you to say “yes” to more of the right things that will help you navigate the urgent and important. To stay aligned to your longer term goals.

In this episode, you will hear about how the result of breaking something (that was actually working) was necessary to grow; what to do with the doubt that is always present; and the importance of knowing what and when to share decisions to guide your team well. Jess Dewell talks with Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO at Tulip Media Group, about doing things differently in your business.

Seemingly urgent items in the day-to-day can easily fill up more than the amount of available time you have. To know what is really urgent, having a cadence of dedicated time is what helped Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO of Tulip Media Group, to recognize it was time to make a large pivot in his business.

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Do Things Differently to Drive Business Growth

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