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How to Build a Strategic Business Plan

Each of us has an ultimate goal, and it is important to know what that goal is. Once known, creating the right business strategy, choosing the right priorities, and navigating the difficulties that exist in every business become easier since you know what is nonnegotiable.

It takes time to build, deploy, and gain adoption of your product. Without knowing where – and the reason why – you are going in a particular direction, it’s easy to become discouraged and give up. Listen in as Jess Dewell talks with Melissa Kwan, CEO and co-founder at eWebinar, about the importance of taking all the time needed to define and use your guiding star to navigate growing your business.

Your business has a core driving factor that influences the way people do work in your organization. Three businesses in, Melissa Kwan, CEO and co-founder at eWebinar, discovered that starting a business from what makes you happy accomplishes more than a business that gets you to a finite goal.

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How to Build a Strategic Business Plan

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