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The Power of a Pause: Reflection and Refocus

Today Jess Dewell talks with Jürgen Strauss, Founder at Innovabiz, about doing the right work and having fun. You will hear about elements that allow you to grow, the power of reflection, and outcomes of diligent prioritization.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and the shared love of Kenny Rogers music sparked a conversation about business and life lessons from one of Jürgen’s top picks: “The Gambler.” Stumble, fall down, get back up, decide what you need to know from the experience and persevere.

Those who talk about success always being “forward-looking” are missing a key element to achievement: reflection. Time, and how you use time, sets the stage for what you are able to do. Innovabiz Founder Jürgen Strauss discusses how the more you reflect and use past experiences to build resilience and emotional intelligence, the richer the end result.

Tags: problem solving, mindset, emotional intelligence, reflect, persevere, focus, refocus

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The Power of a Pause: Reflection and Refocus

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