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From Change Management to Strategic Resilience

When we mess up, we want others to remember we are human. That means we must do the same. The way we show up in the face of adversity tells others a lot about us. Use the information shared in this episode to critically and realistically look at the way you act, what you say, and how you show up to lead change. Decide what you must do to recommit and realign your thoughts and actions to what is necessary, in order to successfully execute your strategic plan.

You will hear how the Teabag Principle, the Character Matrix, and reflection are necessary to navigate change. It is the resilience that is built from tirelessly facing change that will create shared values to get the right work done at the right time. Jess Dewell talks with John Robertson, President at FORTLOG Services, about leading through organizational change.

Three questions to ask yourself and your leadership team are part of the FORTLOG Services Character Matrix. As you decide to embrace day-to-day change, you build resilience to face the expanding challenges and changes that your company will go through. John Robertson, President at FORTLOG Services, imparts how pivotal shared values are to the success of organizational change.

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From Change Management to Strategic Resilience

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