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The BOLD Business Podcast is an ad-free program that helps you guide the group of people trying to execute on your vision. BOLD Business Podcast helps leaders like you clarify the path to success.

Innovation from the Inside

What you are excited about, what you prioritize, is what your teams will follow. The intersection of what your company can be the best at, while staying true to the mission … this is where value can be added to all stakeholders. Building on past wins and saying no to ideas outside of the current strategic initiatives brings the opportunity for greater achievement. Jess Dewell welcomes Luke Layman, CEO Vector Solutions; Dr. Kelly Henry, Customer Service Business Consultant; and Jay Hanes, Founder & CEO thrv.com, to discuss staying adaptable to the challenges of day-to-day while being focused on the longer-term business strategy.

In addition to improving internal processes and being more efficient, it is important to develop yourself so you can continue to lead through times of rapid change. Being able to lean into successes, work within a customized framework, and utilize an internal cadence allows for the head space necessary to respond to immediate threats and opportunities. This is necessary to stay on course and aligned to your true north.

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Innovation from the Inside

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