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Emotional Resilience in a World of Burnout

How we show up to each situation, and its relative stress on us, is the capacity we have for emotional resilience. A world with high stress and dramatic change lurking just beyond what we can see requires that we are able to flex in our actions, thinking, and feelings. Those pressure cooker situations also require a high level of self-awareness and the ability to trust yourself and lean into your moral compass. Jess Dewell welcomes guests Ben Baker, President and CEO Your Brand Marketing, Mark Carruthers, Principle, Senior Consultant, and Andrew Hutton, Founder & CEO Day One, to share their insights and experiences as they grow their emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience is made up of self-awareness, persistence, emotional control, and the ability to flex. These are elements of Dimensional Leadership: leading your company forward and being comfortable outside your comfort zone. Listen in to hear insights about building self-trust, using a moral compass, and getting uncomfortable.

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Emotional Resilience in a World of Burnout

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