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Strong Business Culture is the Future of Work

Culture is determined by the way we do work and connects every business function and person together. Being able to dig deep when results and outcomes are not as expected requires a willingness to notice what’s present that creates undesirable results. This information will be what we use to change and includes acknowledging assumptions and unlearning. Jess Dewell welcomes guests Tony Minessale, CEO SignalWire, Steve Simpson, Director Keystone Management, and Carol Sanford, Executive Producer of The Regenerative Business Summit, to share insights about the reasons strong business cultures are the future of work.

Start where you are at and observe what is happening within the business to understand what decisions you need to make to shift culture. It takes time to understand how each role contributes to something larger: your company’s mission. Join us to hear insights about trusting institutional knowledge and slowing down big decisions.

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Strong Business Culture is the Future of Work

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