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Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage

There are three ways to be more intentionally adaptable: 1) continue to create value, 2) solve the right problems at the right time, and 3) be present and real. Small changes will start to create different (and more) impact to build internal company resilience. The more dynamic your company, the more opportunities may be realized. Listen to Jess Dewell share the insights from Rick Hall, CEO of Aginity, Steve Chaparro, Principle at Culture Design Studio, and Mike Wittenstein, Story Miners, in a discussion about how adaptability keeps companies adaptable.

Becoming more adaptive as a company is to play the long game. When we continue to create value, solve the right problems at the right time, and be present leaders, our competitive advantage is strengthened and we build internal organizational resilience.

Tags: active listening, design thinking, autonomous teams, trust, reflection, innovation

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Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage

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